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Summer Prep Kit – Beach Edition

The best summer planning starts with a planner but in this case my Summer Planner Printable (Prep Kit!).

Summer planner printables

This printable planner is your #1 motherhood tool for summer preparedness. It will rescue you from the chaos of keeping kids engaged, ending fights and whining all in one! With a little bit of planning, it can help you create beautiful memories for your kids and a ton less stress of you.

This printable has a cute, beach color theme. It’s a subtle reminder of sand and surf with various tans, pinks and pale blues. Although, a few pages like this one, has some other pops of color, the overall feel will remind you of those carefree days at the beach.

purple chore chart for girls

Stop scrambling to figure out what to do with your kids. And stop wasting the precious time you have with them. I specifically designed this summer planner printable to not only help you organize your schedules – that’s good, but it’s not enough – but more importantly, to minimize your thought process.

There are 4 (YES FOUR!) idea pages included.

summer planner printable idea lists

No more endlessly scrolling through Pinterest for ideas, giving you more time.

What’s Included?

So here’s everything that’s included in the summer planner printable:

  • Summer Bucket List
  • Over 30 Bucket List Ideas
  • Weekly Schedule Template
  • Theme Day Ideas
  • Daily Schedule
  • Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Routine
  • Chores for Girls Printable
  • Chores for Boys Printable
  • Summer Family Tasks printables (2 color styles)
  • Screentime Agreement (rules)
  • Blank Boredom Jar Strips
  • Preloaded Boredom Jar Strips (Complete with over 30 ideas)
  • Craft Ideas List
  • Work From Home Schedule Template
  • Notes Page

This 18 page PDF planner has everything!

  • It’s affordable.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • It’s customizable.
Summer planner printables

Order your Summer Prep Kit from the Pretty Paper Plans Etsy shop for just $7

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