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A Busy Mom’s October Reset Routine

Soccer season is almost done (and aren’t I glad!), but there are still so many things going on in my busy household this season. However, unlike in the past, I feel ready and confident to conquer. Why? Well, it’s because of my monthly reset routine. These monthly resets have really opened my eyes to how organized and in control I can be, even in a busy season of life!

What is a Reset Routine?

To explain a reset routine, we need to consider the computer as a device. Sometimes as you are going along, adding apps, software, etc. something goes wrong.

Your computer starts displaying things or not displaying the things you want. After much time and confusing and even a call to the customer service dept, you are forced to “reset” the computer in order to put it back to the manufacturer’s specifications, the original settings.

This fixes the problem, however, usually, it wipes out all your add-ons, wallpaper, cookies, and apps you installed.

This resetting gives you a clean slate, fresh and simple.

Now, with a reset routine, you have the added bonus of analyzing and tracking what worked and what didn’t and you can improve upon it and of course, you don’t wipe out all of the add-ons to your life. However, you can feel free to cut out whatever isn’t working.

Learn more, click here about how I do monthly resets and why it matters for moms

October Reset Overview

I decided that for my resets, I would pick a verse to meditate on and let God lead my mindset. September’s was definitely the right pick because in different ways the Lord kept showing me to not go by my own plans. This month I’m picking Matthew 6:33

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be provided to you.

I chose this passage for October because I want to be reminded that I don’t need to run after health, possessions, money, or anything! All I need to do is to run after God in the best way I know how – through prayer, His word and actively serving in my home and community.

I’m still focusing on health but not with a desperation that leads to confusion.

October Monthly Planner Update

So here’s my planner for the month.

This planner off of Amazon really doesn’t give me a lot of room for things, but I have enough lines for listing more than one thing a day. However, as you can see, I write sloppy when I’m hurrying and jotting things down (I’m determined to get better at that).

Right now October is all about school activities, finishing up soccer, and for me ringing in the holiday season. I don’t believe a Christian should celebrate Halloween, but the other holidays are up for grabs!

This is the month when I start thinking about Christmas (how to fund it, getting the kids to make their Christmas lists, etc). I didn’t add it to my calendar yet but I already know in my brain that I’ll be getting serious about that around the 2nd weekend.

I also consider whether we’ll be having people at our home for Thanksgiving and all the logistics with that.

Lastly, I like to think more inwardly during Fall and Winter, so not just for the holidays, but hosting more is always a delight.

I wish I already had those plans for you guys to see, but I just really don’t start strategizing until October is here and at the time of this writing it’s late September. In fact, this is being published on the first official day of Autumn!

But I’m hoping to put together another planning video for this October reset.

If you’d like to see my video featuring this planner and how to set up a planner it’s available here on the blog and on my youtube.

Monthly To Do Lists

We’re trying to button up some household tasks and money items.

My October To-Do List includes putting up new chore charts for the kids, preparing for a fall camping trip, buying sweaters for 2 of my kids, and some more fall gardening tasks.

I did not get around to much fall gardening in September, sadly, so I’m hoping to continue with that. I’m looking to do microgreens (also known as sprouts) and get those garlic seeds planted. I asked my local farmer and he said he always plants in the Fall for a Spring harvest.

Monthly Reset Routine for Meal Planning

Now that autumn is in full swing, I have a very autumnal meal plan.

You can go back to my September reset post to learn a bit about how I go about meal planning that saves me a bunch of time (and mental energy).

I’d love to know what kinds of meals you all have during Fall!

Financial Goals

The Lord blessed us to have gotten my oldest son a cellphone last month without spending a dime. Of course, now my preteen is wanting one! But that’s not on my goals list right now.

This month I am really zeroed in on earning extra money to pay extra on our mortgage, pay for some blogging fees to keep her up and going (You can donate here to help keep this blog open), and pay some extra car fees, repairs, etc. that we fell into during September that has added some debt that we haven’t carried in years.

Oh boy, no one said life would be easy huh?

October Homemaking Goals

Between all of the ‘life’ that’s been happening since August, I haven’t been keeping up with my home duties as I would have liked. I have made a path in my daughter’s room now! It’s quite the improvement, but even as the temps are dropping my heart is to be out in the garage.

I’m going to make a real effort to get our garage in better order. Probably a calendar effort would work best.

Another goal is reorganizing our living room. We have a new piece of furniture that just makes half the room look even more cluttered. I’m laughing at all of this in my head.

And to simply get back to the homemaking schedule I laid out when I had my homemaking reset back in July.

You can learn more about how and why I created this in my homemaking reset post.

October Reset Wellness Routine: Destressing, Friendships, Exercise, and Serving

I will say, if any area of my September rest has been disappointing, it’s this one. Mainly because of the lack of exercise.

I have realized about halfway through last month that I was failing in wellness. I have not been eating well, feeling exhausted and again the lack of exercise.

As a homemaker, I have again realized that being home as much as possible enables me to do so much more. Not that it’s all about productivity, but I am more rested and physically able to tend to the needs here. If I’m running to say, soccer practice, my mind is more distracted away from the needs here.

I am hoping and praying that as I enter October, I will be exercising again, back on track with self care and less tired. I see a ripple effect for other things on my to-dos also, if I can keep wellness in check.

What’s Your October Reset?

Do you revise your planner every month? If so, I’d love to know some of your goals for October. Comment below!

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