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133 Best Cute Things to Do with a Notebook in 2024

Are you tired of the same old, rehashed list online of things to fill a notebook with?

Guys, I’m telling you, I have searched from blog to blog and the ideas are almost the same. I’m determined to give you a comprehensive list of creative and cute things to do with a notebook, that is not all the same old same old.

It is a blank canvas for all of our good ideas, important things, silly thoughts, and dreamy wishes. I mean, how could we not know what to do with a blank notebook?! However, I’m right there with you. There are times when I just do not know what to do with a beautiful journal.

a lady writing and doodling for inspiration of cute things to do with a notebook

You can even read about one such frustration of finding a use for an art-filled journal I had purchased. Let me just tell you, I struggled to find inspiration through the available information online.

As a life-long blogger, freelance writer, and journal lover, knowing exactly how to journal, I have explored and experimented with what to write in a notebook, empty journals, and empty pages, as well as in online note-keeping apps.

I have run the gambit of ideas on how to use notebooks and journals because I love them so much! They can be very inexpensive, versatile, and a great way to organize your life. 

Now I want to share all of these ideas with you! If you are tired of coming up with the same old list of plain Jane ideas then you’ve come to the right place! This blog post will give you 133 creative empty notebook ideas!

cute things to do with a notebook when you love blank notebooks and journals but don't know how to best use up all those blank pages, visit me on pinterest and let your friends know

What Items Do I Need in Order to Fill a Notebook with Cute Stuff? 

To fill a notebook with cute and creative stuff, you want to have a few things on hand. If this is your first time journaling, you can check out my Easy Guide on How to Journal.

A notebook

This could be a sketchbook, a composition notebook, or another kind of notebook or journal. If you have none of these, you can still start now by downloading my FREE super cute journal pages.

Writing and drawing tools

Depending on what you want to create, you might need pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, or other tools to write, draw, or color in your notebook.

Decorative items

There are so many cool things out there, from stickers to stencils. You can use cut-outs, scrapbooking paper, and supplies, or make your own cute pictures and print them out. If you like stationery supplies, take a peek at my favorites.

Inspiration and Imagination

You really can do any number of cute things with a notebook if you spark your creativity. One place to do that is on Pinterest. I find so many awesome notebook ideas on there. You can also use magazines, books, or old journals to spark ideas. 

some cute ideas for filling a notebook from my own journal.  a journal spread with habit trackers and a calendar I took from an old planner
A journal spread I created to track certain things. Pretty things to write in a notebook.

Choosing Beautiful Notebooks, Journals and Diaries

Perhaps you are more like me, where sometimes you want to have something beautiful.

pretty periwinkle blue journal with roses on the cover as a beautiful notebook for cute things to do with a notebook

If you want to have a beautiful diary or have the perfect place to write, here’s my best tip: Don’t search top brands.

Yep, don’t go there.

I will tell you in a minute where to find cute journals, but you can skip the extra cost. Truly you can use anything and create a cute journal or notebook out of a simple notebook from the Dollar Tree or create a handmade one on your own with individual materials.

Creating your own journal is a beautiful way of creating something special.

Handmade Journal Video Tutorial

However, I have to admit, the easy way is to just buy an aesthetic notebook.

Buying one also gives you a foundation for the creativity you want to put inside. Instead of using your creativity to design the cover or a page-by-page set-up (as in a bullet journal).

For me, doing a few handmade journals to keep, but buying the majority of them is the perfect sweet spot. So it’s entirely up to you!

Here are some ways to choose a beautiful notebook.

  • Consider what you want to use it for first! So read this whole post, get inspiration, take note, then choose the style of the journal. For example, if you want a journal for writing about your favorite singer, writing lyrics, etc. Look in music stores to see if they have journals, and seek journals that have lines for music notes, or covers that inspire ideas for music.
  • ​Look for basic but beautiful journals at places like Amazon, Walmart, Dollar Tree, and Five Below.
  • Consider the price involved vs. the use of the notebook. If you’ve decided to use the notebook for everyday use, like a to-do list or budgeting, then I would recommend not putting a lot of money into it. Watch out for ultra-expensive planners. If you have something special, that’s more of a keepsake, you might want something unique and pretty to match it, like a mother-and-daughter journal or a hospitality guest book (a few of my favorite notebook ideas, more to come below).

How to Start a New Notebook – How Do You Start a Beautiful Diary?

Blank pages can be a problem for some people. Even if you love the idea of journaling, starting that first page can be problematic. A good way to get those creative juices going is to:

  • Start the first page with your profile: name, age, year or date you started the journal, your favorites, etc.
  • Put your favorite quote, or quote yourself on the inside cover
  • Dedicate only 5 minutes to the first few times you journal. This takes the pressure off and motivates you because you have a short time to do something.

The best thing to do when starting a new notebook or personal journal is to have a specific purpose or use, which we’ll talk about next. My Easy Guide to How to Journal is a great place to learn more about how to start writing in a journal and getting over writer’s block.

What Are the Cute Things I Can Do with a Notebook? 

Now let’s talk about these 133 ideas for if you have a pile of empty notebooks or just a few blank journals sitting around. These ideas are bound to give you new ways to think about the space you have to fill. 

I am usually more on the ‘what’s useful’ side of things when it comes to how to put your cute notebook to good use. However, just for fun, I have also listed loads of creative uses, too. So here we go, the best cute things to do with a notebook!

SKETCHBOOK – Artistic Approaches 

green waves sketchbook with SKETCH on the cover for a heading under cute things to do with a notebook

Visual Appeal

The first way, which is probably the most commonly thought of is enhancing your basic everyday writing journal by incorporating doodling and sketching for visual appeal. This may be a study guide for school, or your personal diary to make it a little more than words.

Different Writing Styles.

This can be blocked letters or different formats of cursive. Whatever your style or format for your writing, you can have a whole sketchbook for your letter creations.

Color Testing 

Don’t you hate getting a colored pen only to try it out and the color isn’t what was on a box? You can have a notebook for testing out all of your writing and art supplies.

Collage-making within Your Blank Journal

I have loved making collages since elementary school! You can be creative with the theme or types of images. Use your journal to try things out or make themed spreads.


Doodling isn’t just for when you are bored. You can have a whole sketchbook full of doodles to occupy yourself when you are bored or art sketches.

Doodling Reference

Learning to draw or want to capture your ideas in a new way? Fill an empty notebook with doodled pages just the same way you would keep a study notebook. You can reference back and make new discoveries.

Drawing Tutorial 

Create your own step-by-step drawing book!


Take any cute notebook and use it as a sketchbook for teaching yourself how to draw, as an art journal, for foreign language study and more!

The wide space of blank unlined pages in a sketchbook
Inside a sketchbook, blank pages in an empty notebook

A sketchbook is unlined and provides ample room for all kinds of creative projects. I also like to use sketchbooks as diaries because the lines don’t distract me and if I want to draw the scene I’m writing about, it’s no problem.

Origami Ideas and Projects

You can also use a notebook to keep a list of your origami ideas, and instructions on how to create them or you can take the paper out of it to create them. This helps you to always know where to get paper for practicing and/or a place to keep them.


Adult Coloring pages are so popular these days, ever thought of creating one yourself? Again, an unlined notebook or sketchbook would work best for this. You can trace an outline to color in or glue in some coloring pages you like.

Craft Planner

Do you enjoy crafting? From sewing to designing photo frames, whatever your craft projects are you can keep them all organized in a craft planner. Write your shopping list, and measurements, glue in fabric samples, and more.

Poetry Writing

I used to write poems and I wish I had thought to keep them all in a poetry notebook.

Sticker Book

Yes! This is something I loved creating for so many years. Stickers are so cute and fun and cool, but most of the time I didn’t have a use for them. In comes the sticker book. You can save your favorites and use the ones that you’d like as the need appears.

Stamp Book

Like with stickers, you can take your stamp collection and store it in an empty notebook.


Quotes Journal

This is a great way to keep track of quotes from books, movies, politicians, even your own family members. I used to do this in Evernote for use in my blog posts, but you can use quotes for any use or just as a keepsake. Learn more about it in my quotes journal post.

Funny Family sayings

I love this ongoing activity that my family keeps. When there is a silly saying that we repeat or just one-off phrases that are so hilarious, I keep track of it. My kids love to hear them again and again.

Song Lyrics

These are wonderful to keep track of, especially when the meaning or pronunciation isn’t clear. You can also take quotes from lyrics when you need them for a letter, a statement or a report.


pretty pink and purple notebook, small lined notebook, cute notebook ideas
cute empty notebook from Dollar Tree

Happy Birthday Wishes Notebook

This can be so special, to get a cute notebook and have your friends or classmates write birthday wishes for you inside. It becomes more valuable if you use the same notebook over a number of years.

Love notes

You can make some for your spouse or fun ones for the kids! You can also keep love notes given to you inside.

Vintage Fabric Swatch Book

What a cute idea! If you love making fabric projects, if you sew, knit, make curtains, etc. You can keep pieces that will inspire you or remind you later.

Mom Daughter Journal

I admit I haven’t jumped on this idea yet. Take this sweet idea to develop your relationship with your daughter for things that she doesn’t want to say out loud, or just as a keepsake for your conversations.

Pretty Things to Write in a Notebook 

Another type of quote journal, is writing down things you don’t want to forget your sweetheart said to you. Maybe it’s a phrase he uses a lot, or something special he said once that you never want to forget.

Cute Diary

Yes! This is probably the best idea for cute things to do with a notebook is just to make a cute diary. Log your hearts wishes, successes and failures of day to day life.

Diaries can be a daily log (if you can keep up with that), weekly or just as inspiration hits. If you like the idea of starting a diary but would like to know more, visit my blog How to Start a Diary.

My Identity Sheet

Take 1 page a year or a few pages throughout the year and write details about who you are. You could extend it to fill the whole notebook with details from name, location, birthday to a list of your friends, favorite colors, and favorite clothing styles.

My Secret Identity Sheet

3D cube image on the cover of a cute things to do with a notebook journal

Similar to the above idea, but this time you can put things very secret to you or create a persona of who you would secretly be if you could.

My Happy Things List

Occasionally, I would make a list of things that I enjoyed the most. This really made me happy and lifted my mood to go back and look at it, especially on those down days.

Date Night Ideas

It’s pretty explanatory. You can get ideas from Pinterest or just googling date night ideas. Keep this notebook so you have it on hand, your favorite ideas.

Hello Kitty Image Collection

Any Hello Kitty fans? This is such a cute idea if you love Hello Kitty, but it’ll work with any character that you like. Print them out and glue them in.

Card Keepsake

Take all of your beloved cards, Christmas cards, birthday cards, but just your favorites. 

Beautiful Phonebook

Phonebooks are replaced by smartphone databases. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a personal phonebook. Make your notebook aesthetic, have a whole page per person with lots of details and design or a list line by line. You never know when your phone will die and you can’t get into the system. You’ll wish you had all those numbers.

Notes to Friends

Notes to be given to your friends or just noting things you’d like to say but you will never tell them!

Friendship Shared Journal

This is another cute notebook idea like the mom and daughter one. You can write notes to a friend or include a group of friends and give them the notebook to add to and pass back to you or to another friend. This can be such a fun idea, especially for a high school or college group of friends.

Fashion Notebook 

Add in your best colors, outfits, and wishlist for fashion trends or just clothes you’d like to purchase.

Cool Words Book

Here’s a notebook idea: Add in words that you find cool and helpful, unique and grabbing, or just a long list of synonyms to the word cool! How fun! 


forest green texture journal with pencil and foil flower on the cover

Mood Tracker

Some people have to track their mood for medical reasons, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it for fun. There are loads of mood tracker spreads you can make.

Mood Board

This is a static idea of displaying your moods. Each page can describe your mood or have individual pages to describe the different moods you express. It can be displayed by color, doodles or images you find.


A scrapbook is a notebook, sketchbook or album that you create using pieces of items that remind you of an event, a person or a situation. It is for remembrance, as it most of these empty notebook ideas, and resembles a collage and a junk journal.

Handwriting Improvement

This is a simple enough use. Work on your handwriting skills. My husband did this after watching a video on how to improve handwriting.


Now calligraphy differs from plain handwriting. Calligraphy is a beautiful way to form letters. People use calligraphy for greeting cards, creating signs, wedding invitations, creating their personal signatures or some other projects or event needs. If you’d like to learn this beautiful way of writing, I would start at Calligrascape.

Track the daily weather, sunrise and sunset

You can track daily or seasonally. You can write the data or draw beautiful pictures or print out what’s on the weather sites.

Short Stories (or a full-out novel!)

I used to write, but for whatever reason I would leave my stories in different places or notebooks. Having one notebook for all of your stories will help you when you want to share or read them.

Create Pockets in the Notebook

Here’s a creative thing to do with an empty notebook: create inner pockets. So many times I have little slips of paper, appointment cards, even pens I want to keep in my notebook. If this happens to you, learn how to create inside pockets for the insider covers or individual pages.


You can also create a smashbook! According to Creative Fabrica, one of my favorite sites, a smashbook is a combination of an art journal and a photo album to capture ideas and memories. It’s more random and casual than a scrapbook.

Junk Journal

Going off of the smashbook idea, a junk journal uses recycled materials, old receipts, unneeded papers, old book pages, and whatever material you can find around. You upcycle these into creative art pages.

Color Coding Cheatbook

If you like to color code for study materials, budgeting or planners, you can use a small notebook to make a key or cheatbook to help you remember which color is for what.


Woah, a flipbook takes me back! This is a lovely idea to fill a notebook when you are bored, particularly a small one. It’s basically making your own animations. Since it’s a little hard to explain so take a look at this video.

Creative journal idea: How to make a Flipbook

UNIQUE Notebook Ideas

Unique notebooks and journals for what to fill an empty notebook with, pale pink with flowers and peace hand signs

Gift Ideas

Maybe you haven’t thought about it, but you can gift your journal to any person at any time. It doesn’t have to be a birthday or holiday.

Writing Letters to Your Past and Future Self

Here’s something unique to do with a notebook, write yourself a letter. It can be a healing process to write a letter to your past self, or a reminder or safety net to write to your future self. If you are interested in other healing ideas, check out Healing Mental Health Journaling Ideas.

Leaf and Flower Preservation

Interested in nature? Me too! I love preserving leaves and flowers within the pages of my journals. 

Generational Memory Book

As I was thinking of ideas and reviewing what kind of journals I’ve kept, this came up. Create a memory book that you keep interesting things from your generation and life, but pass it down for your children to include some pages and they can pass it to their children. You might even be able to get your own parents or grandparents to add to it.

Draw and/or Chart the Stars and Constellations

One of my favorite things to do in a notebook has been keeping track of the natural rhythms of life through weather and watching the stars. 


Keep track of those great jokes! Pull this notebook out on a rainy day.

Trivia Notebook

Just like with a joke book, you can write down fun trivia questions topically or random questions.

Bored Journal

Do you get bored a lot? Have a journal where you write things you can do when you are bored. Include games, places to go and people to talk to. If you think one of those could be writing in your journal, check out my post about what to write about when bored.

Score Keeper

Play games a lot? Are you into sports? Keep track of your ongoing game of tic tac toe, who is winning at trivia from your trivia notebook, or track your favorite sports team all in one notebook. You can also design it to represent your team.

Pen Pal Organizer

Do you have penpals? It’s an old-school idea, but people still do it and it’s fun. Organize and keep letters, addresses and ideas in one notebook.

Create Designs 

You can draw out plans for designs if you are artsy or you can design your own blank notebook and gift it or keep it. 

Make Your Own Coloring Book

If you have an unlined journal or notebook, you can make outlines of scenes and have others color them in or use them yourself.

Make Your Own Code and Write Secret Messages

Create codes using alpha-numeric systems or symbols. You can keep the key in the same book or in another place. Write your own secrets or messages to others and see if they can decode them.

Game Creator Space

Maybe you are like my kids, loving to make up games. Whatever games you like, you need a space to plan and plot.


cute things to do with a notebook like keeping up with your hobbies. Fun blank journal ideas

Hobby Journal

Do you have a lot of hobbies? Write about them all in here.

Vision Board

Have an idea? Actualize it here with a vision board. Get clips, images, quotes, colors and create a place of inspiration and hope for a successful plan.

Goofy Travel Journal 

This can be something you do while on the plane, train, car, or while you wait during a trip. You can write about what’s going on in the moment or something silly that happened on your trip.

Piano Practice Planner

Love piano? Write your practice schedule or notes you need to get right.

Ballet/Dance Practice Book

Is your hobby dance? Draw out step-by-step choreography.

Book Reviews

Maybe your thing is books. Create a book review journal. You can use a star rating system or any other symbols you like. You can even draw the book covers.

Movie Reviews

Same thing except with movies. You can even have your friends read your reviews and see if they agree.

To Be Watched List

I used to make a TBW list when the new fall season trailers and previews came out right before school started. Although most things are on demand, you can still keep track of series and movies to be watched.

TBR List

Same as the above, except with books. I would always have a list longer than I could ever complete. At least this way you will never lose track of book titles or authors.

Favorite Famous People Journal

Are you into celebrities? Do you have favorites? Write about them! Glue in fan cards, poster or magazine pictures, etc.

Favorite Character Profiles

More cute things to do with a notebook include creating character profiles. Make up characters or write about characters you know and love.

Series or TV Shows Log

If you are obsessed with a certain show, series or even a YT channel would fit in here, write your thoughts about each episode. You can even fanfic a bit about what you hope will happen next.

Kpop Idol Journal

Let’s go! Your hobby journal can be all about your favorite Kpop idol or Kpop group. You can write to your heart’s content about them, lyrics from their songs in English and Korean, make a cute spread, whatever comes to mind.

Anime Journal

Calling all anime fans. What a fun idea. You can combine some of the above ideas and add a TBW list, make character profile pages and keep a log of what’s happening per episode.

Pokemon Tracker

Maybe Pokemon is your thing. Your empty notebook can be filled with tracker ideas, make pockets for your cards, write strategies for the card game or codes for the video games.

Astronomy Tracker

My family went looking at the stars recently. You can really go deep into studying the stars, and if you, you already have a great use for a blank notebook.

Paper Games Keeper 

If you play a lot of paper games like I used to, you can do them all in 1 notebook. Games like dot to dot, Tic Tac Toe, hangman, etc.


Grocery List

It’s helpful to keep an active ongoing grocery list and every time you run out of something, you can add it to your list.


I love making to do lists because I honestly wouldn’t get much done without them (I tried!). I currently have a notebook that’s just for to-dos and braindumps. However, if you’d like some cute printable to-do lists I’ve got those too.

Bucket Lists

Have you heard of a bucket list? You make a list of all the things you hope to do or accomplish. 

Summer Vaca Bucket List

Off from school? Out from work? Time for a getaway, but to where? Make your own summer vacation list for what you hope to enjoy during this time off.

Places To Visit 

Are there places you’d like to visit? When I sat down and made a list, I realized it differed from that locked in my head.

Thankful List

This is my favorite kind of list. Writing things you are thankful for makes life feel lighter, happier, and meaningful.


Recipe Book

Take a blank journal and fill it with your favorite recipes or recipes to try. I suggest a hardcover journal so you can bring it into your kitchen and not worry about it being destroyed by spills.

Grocery Price List

You will definitely save some money when you write a price list and grasp just how much you are spending. If you are interested in this idea, check out the site Dont Waste the Crumbs and how to make a price comparison book.

Meal Plan

Keeping a meal planner is one of the most economical things you can do. If you want to meal plan but not create one in your cute notebook, you can download my free meal plan printable in the treasure box.

Restaurant Review Keepsake

Do you visit lots of restaurants? You can make a keepsake and reminder of the dishes you ate by using any blank notebook. You can even write down the ingredients and try to make it at home.

Lunchbox Planner

Since my kids started school, I realized that I need to still make them lunch most days. So I grabbed this super cute notebook that my daughter gave me and wrote down a rotation of meal ideas. 

Treat and Snack Ideas

I combined my lunchbox planner with a snack ideas notebook, however, you can make yours separate if you wish. Perhaps lunches are easy ideas that you don’t have to plan, but what a cute and fun notebook idea to make a treat or snack notebook!


End of School Autographs

Did you ever make an end of the school year autograph book? Any blank notebook will do. Just take it to school during the last week or two of school and have your friends or classmates sign it. You can also have them leave a message, their number or username to whatever network works best for both.

Kids Memory or Childhood Keepsakes

I started making these childhood keepsakes when my kids were old enough to talk and have an opinion. You can list their favorites from each year and whatever else you’d like to remember. When they are teens or adults, it’ll be a cherished keepsake.

Homeschool Planner

Are you a homeschooler or a homeschool mom? Use a empty notebook to plan out your assignments or school year.

Study Notebook

This one is a bit obvious, but any notebook, even cute ones, can be used for making notes and studying.

Chatbook between Mom and Kids

This is a great way to keep and build relationships. Take any empty journal and write notes to each other.


Bible Verse Memorization Book

This is something I’m trying to implement this year. Write a few verses you want to memorize. You can also keep a daily journal and re-write the verses each day.

Prayer Journal

This has been such a place of rest for me. There are many times that I cannot explain my feelings, but I can write them to God.

Spiritual Journal

I wouldn’t actually say spiritual journaling is a cute thing to do with a notebook, however, it is a healing thing to do. You can get started with these 20 Powerful Spiritual Journaling Prompts to Deepen Your Relationship with God 

Gratitude Journal

This journal idea will definitely get you loving life again. You can write one thing a day or 100! Whatever it is, see how God has graced you through the situation, object, or person.

Praise List

You can also take a blank journal to list the answers to prayers, sometimes called praises, or just anything praiseworthy about God our Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Again, you will be surprised at what a bright outlook you’ll have for doing so.

Homemaking Ideas 

Homemaking Journal

Take advantage of a homemaking journal, even if you do more than homemaking as your occupation. The things that make a home and life are essential to plan and track, but if you are a bit behind and feel chaos is more descriptive of your home, start your journal with a homemaking reset.

Paint Swatches and Home Decor Ideas

Into decorating and renovating? Grab a memorable notebook, label it and put within all of your ideas and glue in your paint swatches or fabric pieces.

Garden Journal

No idea what to do with your notebook? Maybe you are like me and have a pretty notebook that you wanted for a unique purpose. Well, you can create a garden journal! Check out my garden journal for inspiration.

Herbal Log

Do you grow herbs or store them? Keep a log of what’s in stock.

Essential Oils Notebook

I am fascinated at what plant and tree oils can do for us. Write it all down in a blank notebook.

Home Guestbook

So fun! We love having people visit, why not have them leave you a note to remember the visit. They can look through it too, like an album of notes. You could also just have them sign it with a date. Later on you can list things fun about your time together, what you ate, etc.

Fermenting Tracker

I started keeping a tracker for my ferments as some of them take weeks before they are done. Take any pretty journal and create a tracker. Even write in it what’s happening at each stage, what it smells or looks like so the next time you can know.

Seasonal Ideas (like in my kitchen journal!)

If you are in love with the seasons, create a journal where you can capture those ideas. List activities to do, decor to put out or anything that comes to mind.

Family Traditions 

There are certain Fall traditions and meal ideas my family loves. You can list out Spring activities, holiday traditions, etc. This can be a keepsake book or an active planner.

Natural Apothecary Journal

Keeping track of all the natural medicinal items, their uses, recipes and inventory log all in one place.


a planning notebook as one of the cute things to do with a notebook
my notebook for all things planning

Goal Mapping

Creating a place to map out your goals in a blank notebook or journal is helpful. If you are interested in this kind of thing, you’ll want to read my post for goal journaling ideas and how journaling can help you achieve your goals.

Spending Tracker

A cute journal is the perfect place for a spend tracker. Because it’s appealing to your eyes, you’ll more likely remember and want to track your spending.

Brain Dump

I got this cool notebook from FiveBelow and it’s basically where I keep my to do lists and brain dumps. Always taking a brain dump because there’s so much being jammed in there!


Different from brain dumping. You take a desire or idea and write down more ideas or actions to make that first idea happen.

Bullet Journal

You knew I was going to say it! A common but cute thing to do with a notebook is to use it as a bullet journal. Create daily task lists, design calendars, make personalized trackers and more.

Budget Keeper

We just use one of those college-ruled notebooks, but if you want to use a pretty notebook go right ahead.

Financial Tracker 

There are tons of financial things to keep track of including savings, investments and debt.

Habit Tracker

Why not use your notebook as a self-improvement tool? Habits are easier to stick to if you keep track of them.

Daily Planner

You can take a pile of empty notebooks and use them as daily planners instead of buying a planner.

Event Planner

Have an event coming up now or in the future? You can start planning for them, listing all of the who, what, where, and whens.

Party Planner

Similar idea, but generally parties are on a smaller scale. If you are interested in doing this and have no idea where to start, read How to Plan a Birthday Party for a ton of tips!

Christmas Planner 

Include things like a Christmas list, who to buy for, gift ideas, decoration ideas, etc.


This is a great way to fill an empty notebook. Never rely solely on a password app.


Journaling Prompts Journal

If you like using journal prompts, take advantage of your free space to create a journal just for writing and/or answering prompts! Any way you do it, journaling is so restoring, refreshing and restful.

Fitness Journal

A fitness journal, a cute thing to do with a notebook

Ready to take your health to a new level? You can track your fitness journey in a journal.

Morning Pages

Early riser or not, journaling specifically in the morning has special benefits. I have a whole post about what you can journal in the mornings to reap the most benefits of this unique time of day.

Dream Notebook

Dream a lot? Do you find meaning and connections in your dreams? Or perhaps you want to write your dreams in terms of goals.

Self-Care Routines

self-care journal ideas for an empty notebook ideas. This journal has a cheerful brown and flowers embroidered all over

I took on a notebook the size of my palm to keep my self-care routines in. I added meaning to it by telling myself I was writing out directions for my daughter when she was older.

Future Self Vision Journal

Sick of yourself? Use any blank journal to craft a better you and strike a vision for the future.

Instructions for Homemade Beauty Products

Do you like to create your own lip glosses, soaps or exfoliating scrubs? Write down your recipes and how to use them in a pretty notebook or really in any old notebook you want.

Notes to Self

In hopes that he’d remember more, my husband would keep a notebook in his pocket. He’d write down anything he might forget or things he wanted to say, names, phone numbers and more!

Pregnancy Journal 

Pregnancy is a time for remembering, contemplating life and self, as well as for planning. You can have a journal for all of these or one for each: baby shower planning, countdown to baby’s arrival, health tracker, nursery ideas, etc.

Birthing Book

Equally, you can write out your plans for when the baby comes. Since this is such a specific list, I feel it should have its own category. Do you want music at the birth? Are you doing a home birth? Who should be there as your support team? Are you getting medication or not? Also you can include things like your preparation exercises, foods you’d like to consume after, etc. 

What Makes These Things Cute? 

After reading about birthing plans, you are probably wondering how these are cute things to do with a notebook. 

The ideas found in this post are cute and creative because they add charm, personality, good memories and brightness to your journals. Many of these are quaint and sweet ideas. But that’s my opinion. 

What is cute is different per person, so take this as inspiration. You can also stylize these cute journal pages to include cartoonish, artsy, or other elements that will please to your eye.  

Free Cute Journal Pages

You don’t have to use a whole notebook for some of these ideas. As a matter of fact, if you lack something cute to journal in, try out some of my cute journal pages.

here are some free cute journal pages to use with the ideas in this post for cute things to do with a notebook

Recap of Main Ideas for Cute Things to do with a Notebook

  • SKETCHBOOK – Art Journaling
  • Quote Journaling
  • CUTE THINGS to write in a notebook
  • Creative Ideas
  • Unique Ideas
  • Hobbies – share your hobby and favorite topics
  • Lists
  • Recipes and Cooking
  • Kids and School Ideas
  • Bible Journaling
  • Planner Ideas
  • Homemaking Journal Ideas
  • Self-care Journal Ideas
cute journal ideas infographic for a recap of all the cute things to do with a notebook ideas on this post

More Ideas for Empty Notebooks

After all of that, do you seriously want more ideas? 

Haha, well this unique list of ideas cute things to write in a notebook truly has the best ideas for what to do with a journal. If you guys want me to create a video or post on how to enhance these tips please comment and I’d be happy to do so.

So, if you’re curious about other ideas on how to fill up an empty notebook, check out “50 Fun and Creative Ways to Fill Your Empty Notebook” for a different perspective. 

Happy writing!


What do you put on an empty notebook?

Stickers, emblems, and seals. Cursive or calligraphy for titles and anything else memorable.

How can I make my notebook interesting?

Notebook decoration to match your personality will make it interesting. You can glue in photos, magazine clippings, use ribbon, paints, or anything unique to design the cover and back.

What to do with a notebook when you’re bored?

When you are bored, visit my post Beat Boredom: 99 Cool Things to Write About to Unlock Creativity for more creative and cute things to do with a notebook, specifically what to write.

What is an aesthetic journal?

Aesthetics is the mark of beauty but beauty is determined by the individual. An aesthetic journal focuses on the artistic quality of it. For example, a bullet journal spread, a junk journal page design, themed pages, or adding art to each page.

What can I do in my notebook aesthetic?

My notebook aesthetics include seasonal spreads, room aesthetics, any topic and add borders, stickers, and cute images around that topic. Doodling helps express and adds art.

How to decorate diary aesthetic?

Diaries can be aesthetic and beautiful using glitter, pretty paper, lace, washi tape and crafting inner envelopes to hide secrets creates a cool effect. Here is everything you need to know to start a diary.

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