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20 Fall Self Care Journaling Prompts: Cozy, Comforting Ideas

In my opinion, Autumn is the best time of year: not too hot, not too cold, and the air is fresh. You can’t get too much better than that, except to add in some self care prompts to get you pondering and exploring how to improve your own world.

Self-care is one of the most difficult things for moms to do, if you work inside or outside the home (or both!) you are probably stressed and have a whole to-do list full of tasks. As we cool down from summer, in our modern society, our lists become more full. But that wasn’t how the seasons were meant to go. As a matter of fact, Fall and Winter are supposed to be months of recovery and rest.

I’m here to help you get back into the true season of fall, even just for a moment with these self care journaling prompts.

Self Care Prompts with Autumn Ideas

Here I have listed some wonderful prompts that I want to help you to squeeze in some self care during this season. However, I also wanted to address some more fall ideas, so to help you out I am leaving just a little note after each if it’s self-care or more fall-focused, and of course we have some that’s a mix!

  1. Describe a fall day in your life from sunrise to sunset, focusing on the small details that make it unique. (autumn prompt)
  2. Share your thoughts on the balance between productivity and rest during the fall season. (both)
  3. Create a priority list of your favorite fall comfort foods and beverages. Plan when to get and/or make the first 5. (both)
  4. Imagine inviting over some friends for a mom’s night, what foods would you serve? (self care prompts)
  5. Finish the sentence, ‘The wind carried the scent of fallen leaves, and I knew it was time to…’ (autumn)
  6. Jump on Pinterest and make your own self-care vision board – Now write about how it inspires you. (self care prompt)
  7. How are you setting healthy boundaries in this season? List your boundaries. (self care)
  8. List one self-care habit you can start this month and the steps to get you there. (self care)
  9. What is your exercise routine? Do you need to modify it for Fall? If so, how? (both)
  10. What’s your favorite Fall movie? Are there any movies that make you feel super cozy? (both)
  11. If self-care were a color, scent, or sound, what would it be? Why? (self care prompts)
  12. Describe your ideal self-care autumn day from morning to night. What activities would you include? (both)
  13. What are your thoughts on taking a camping trip in the fall? What if there was a hot springs nearby? (both)
  14. Describe your emotional state at the beginning of fall vs. at the end of fall. (both)
  15. Do you like to read? Which book would you like to cozy up to a fire with? (both)
  16. What does a bonfire remind you of? (autumn)
  17. What are your goals for the rest of the year? How do you plan to achieve them? (self care)
  18. List everything going on with you today or this season that has to do with lack of self-care. (self care)
  19. Take 3 deep breaths outside in the Autumn air. What did you think of during that time? (both)
  20. List 3 things you can do during Fall that will get you outside. Why do you think this is important? (both)

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  1. These self care journal prompts are really great. It’s perfect timing because I have been trying to find more self-care ideas for myself.