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How to Organize a Winter Tea Cabinet

Tea stash, tea station, tea collection, there are all kinds of names for a tea cabinet. Whatever you call it, it’s helpful to have it stocked and organized for when you need it. Winter is prime time for using your tea cupboard, so let’s explore how to organize a winter tea cabinet.

Tea pairs so well with journaling in the winter, so I thought it would be helpful to share my tea cabinet with you.

Accepting Winter As It Is

Are you the type of person who loves winter? Do you love the snow, the crisp, frosty mornings?


Well, you are in good company. I would much rather have a warm day on the beach, listening to the waves come in and out. I would much rather, the birds chirping and a nice breeze from the trees. 

Seeing the snow glide on the wind and flicker down is very enchanting, however, I have to admit, as I’ve battled to get over seasonal affective disorder, I have had to make myself appreciate winter just as it is. 

Winter has some qualities that I’ve worked to enjoy or at least be content with. For one, winter allows you to enjoy tea and hot cocoa without sweating! 

Winters are cozy, calming, and perfect for seeing the cycle of life and death while meditating on the scripture, Genesis 8:22:

While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.”

So to put me in the right mood for winter, a couple of months ago I showed my tea cabinet on Instagram.

But then we bought more teas over the holidays it became a big mess!

How Do I Organize my Tea Cupboard?

Step One

Collect and organize tea into the categories that you like. There are some teas you want ready on hand if you drink tea daily. Other teas, you are ok if they are stored in their tea boxes or the back of the cabinet. 

So know what you have. If you don’t have a variety of tea and wish to build a tea cabinet, I have found that right after New Year’s Day there are sales on tea. It’s a great time to stock up. 

step one of how to organize a tea cabinet is to take everything out and analyze what you have
I could organize my tea cupboard better once everything was on the counter

Step Two 

Figure out how you like your tea. You should keep certain things near your tea cabinet or tea stash. Some are optional, depending on the space you have available in or around your cabinet.

Needed items to keep in or near your tea cabinet:

  • Tea bags 
  • Loose leaf tea, if using
  • Tea mesh ball or infuser (for loose leaf)
  • Tea kettle
  • Tea or Coffee cups
  • Sweeteners of choice
  • Spoons

Step Three

Brainstorm ideas on how to organize a tea cabinet in your home. This part only you can do. It depends on the amount of tea storage you need, the kind of tea and number of tea bags that you have to store, and the size of your space. 

Step Four

Purchase or collect any supplies needed for organizing. Now take what you learned in step three and apply it to what you’ll need.

Optional supplies include:

  • Tea trays
  • Tea racks
  • Drawer organizers
  • Jars with lids
  • Jars without lids
  • Acrylic containers
  • Small countertop cabinet
  • Large stand-up cabinet
  • Labels

Tea Cabinet Ideas

I always do better when I can visually see what my options might be. So here’s a snapshot of how I organized my own cabinet for more winter tea ideas for your tea cupboard.

It was such a mess!

I pulled everything out and wiped down the cabinet (sticky honey spots!)

Then, step one of how to organize a tea cabinet, I organized them into the categories we use them, like one category was medicinal teas.

a photo of my teas that I organized into categories, some were for adaptagens, women's health, sleepytime tea, etc.

Then, after doing steps two and three mentally, I just reused the boxes to create the categories and got rid of all the rest.

So I kinda included step four but without purchasing anything. I would love to label these when I have another moment. But for now, it’s a look-and-see approach. 

organizing a tea cabinet

And we also keep our coffee here, and yes that’s a percolator, we bought it on purpose and enjoy using it. We don’t have coffee every day or every week but we do consume tea almost daily!

the results of my winter tea cabinet organization

For more ideas visit Pinterest, and while you are there, follow me!

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Winter Tea Benefits

Of course, the negatives of winter cannot be denied (although there are negatives to every season). One of the worst is the cold season. However, having tea in the winter can benefit that! 

Many winter teas have immune-boosting benefits like ginger-turmeric tea which is also anti-inflammatory.  Winter tea benefits also include helping with sleep, lowering your stress and even cancer-fighting qualities.

What are the Best Teas for Winter’s Cold?

If you are concerned about feeling cold or having a cold or flu, drink hot tea with one or more of the following:

Ginger, Cinnamon (for circulation), Peppermint, Clove, Orange Peel, Oregano, Black Pepper

What Spices for Winter Tea?

For a winter tea you can use any warming spices like ginger, cloves or cinnamon. Black pepper is great. For something different, you can try spearmint or cardamom.

What About Herbal Teas?

You should have at least a few medicinal herbal teas on hand. You can mix and match your own loose leaf herbs, perhaps some you preserved from your garden. You can also buy the already prepared tea bags for herbal combinations. 

cozy medicinal tea time for winter homemaking tips from my kitchen journal

I keep this list of recipes in my winter kitchen journal.

my autumn kitchen journal, the cover has beautiful art of a pumpkin pin, bowl of nutmeg shells, cinnamon sticks and 2 large pumpkins

Winter Teatime Ideas

Now that you know how to organize a tea cabinet and yours is ready to go, you can do a few teatime ideas. 


When I homeschooled, my kids and I would have teatime on Fridays. You can put on some classical music and put out tea for the kids to drink while you read some poetry or a cute story. 

I was able to do Poetry study, Music study, and sometimes literature all at once. Plus, if you have some sweet treats ready, you’ll hold the attention of little ones and big ones easily. It doesn’t even have to be for homeschooling, any kid would love this.


Teatime can also be used for the whole family. We used teatime also on Christmas Eve, including hot cocoa and warm apple cider as options with a lot of treats and cookies. 

Christmas morning is also another prime time for tea. Bring out your special tea cups and have yummy fruit teas available instead of orange juice.


Putting on a special winter teatime can be a big event or just a few friends. For this, I would make, not just sweets, but sandwiches and appetizers. 

Once a friend of mine had about 12 ladies over for a dress-up Jane Austen tea party. It was great, but again, you can simply call up a friend and have them come for tea on any winter day.

how to organize a winter tea cabinet, the aesthetics of a cozy tea cabinet, a tea cupboard for winter days

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