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50 Fun and Creative Ways to Fill Your Empty Notebook: Quick Reference for Busy Moms

Do you need some ideas for empty notebooks?

I remember picking up some super beautiful journals from amazon (thinking I was going to organize my stay at home mom life… again), but after they arrived, I realized there was one journal that I had no idea how to fill.  

Coming up with ways to fill an empty journal can be frustrating. At least it was for me. I checked Google for ideas for empty notebooks, but I couldn’t find anything useful for me as a mom.  

this beautiful journal full of famous art images was an empty notebook that I didn't know how to fill.. the inspiration for ideas for empty notebooks
the inside of a colorful journal that I didn't know how to fill - eventually it became my garden journal

Isn’t that cute?! 

Now you understand why I didn’t want to plop it on the shelf for 6 months or more. It seemed like such a waste of this beautiful notebook. I ended up spending (or wasting) a lot of time brainstorming how I could use it. I love colorful journals and always want to make good use of them.

Eventually, I did use it as a gardening journal and planner.

Instead of scouring the Internet and losing precious mom time (and brain cells!) seeking out ideas for empty notebooks, I made you a quick reference. This post will give you 50 fabulous ideas for empty notebooks, the mom edition.

What Do You Write in a Notebook?

Open blank notebook to represent the topic of what to do with empty notebook.

So what do you fill empty notebooks with? Try to imagine an empty notebook as a blank canvas, full of potential to get your tasks done and be creative in your home. You can use it, just like a journal, to organize your thoughts, track home goals, or hold memories. If you have never journaled before, you should read my easy guide on how to journal. You may be surprised at how beneficial and empowering it is!

Here are some examples of things to do with an empty notebook.

  1. Daily to-do list
  2. Master to-do list
  3. Book reviews
  4. Dreams
  5. Meal planning
  6. Fitness and health tracker
  7. Car maintenance log
  8. Household inventory keeper
  9. Grocery list
  10. Grocery/Pantry staples
  11. Kids’ things to do (when bored) list
  12. Cleaning schedules
  13. Prayer journal
  14. Bible reflections notebook
  15. Party planner

Fun Things To Do with an Empty Notebook

Now let’s explore some fun ways you can use a notebook. Many of the following ideas could be used by anyone, but it’s no secret that moms usually are the driver of family fun. There are endless possibilities for creatively using a notebook to make your and your family’s lives more enjoyable.

Here are some fun ideas for empty notebooks. It might sound so fun you’ll want to go out and buy a new notebook!

  1. Bucket lists: family bucket lists, summer bucket lists
  2. Song lyrics.
  3. Childhood memory books
  4. Inspiration/Visual board
  5. Family vacation planner or wishlist
  6. Family scrapbook
  7. Hobby journal
  8. Craft and DIY project planner
  9. Home improvement project planner
  10. Nature/Outdoor adventure journal
  11. Pet name options
  12. Collectors journal
  13. Laugh journal with jokes, puns and silly things
  14. Wish list (one for each family member)
  15. Birthday/Special Day gift list (for each family member)

Creative Ways to Fill a Notebook

if you are looking for creative ways to fill a notebook here is an empty notebook to spark ideas

Thinking outside of the box is a normal occurrence for a mother. She is always trying to figure out how to make something work, how to fix things, how to calm kids, and how to fit another task or activity into an already packed schedule.  

Why? We love our families! We want to see them supported, provided for, and reach their own goals.  

The following ideas for empty-lined or unlined notebooks will get your creative juices going.  

  1. Love notes. You can make some for your spouse or fun ones for the kids!
  2. Lunchbox notes. Encouragement for tough days.
  3. Sketchbook
  4. Gratitude journal 
  5. Life lessons
  6. Health symptoms log 
  7. Baby log
  8. Family history keeper
  9. Parenting tips and advice journal
  10. ‘When I was a kid’ journal to give to your kids
  11. Home organization and decluttering planner
  12. Lettering/Handwriting notebook. Work alongside your kids and improve together.
  13. Food stockpile planner
  14. Garden planning
  15. Honey-do notebook
  16. Places you’ve visited
  17. Places you’d like to visit
  18. Favorite family snacks
  19. Family night ideas
  20. Childhood milestones
A cute graphic of the list of creative ideas for empty notebooks

A mom has a lot of tasks and it’s hard to keep them all in your head. Here, I can quote David Allen from his book, Getting Things Done, “Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.”  

I hope these ideas for empty notebooks will get you to write things down, making more space for coming up with new ideas and solutions for old ones. It’ll make you a better homemaker and a more creative mom. 

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  1. I seem to find so many empty notebooks hiding out in a closet that desperately needs to be decluttered. You have given new life to these notebooks. I’ll be challenging myself to put these empty notebooks to use with some of your suggestions. Thanks for sharing!