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30 Journaling Prompts for Self Discovery to Reveal the Real You

Self-discovery should be a priority during high school years. I spent many years of early adulthood fumbling around because I didn’t even know my own goals, desires, or reasoning. Although I knew the importance of journaling, I wish I had even enough insight to have Googled journaling prompts for self-discovery.

Avoid my mistakes. Grow in your ability to make the right decisions by using these prompts to get a foundation for who you are and what you are capable of doing.

What is the Purpose of Self-Discovery?

Before we get to the journaling prompts for self-discovery we must understand what the term means. 

Self-discovery is the process of understanding oneself. This could include everything from your likes and dislikes to your opinions, your priorities in life to even who you’re willing to be friends with. 

Webster’s dictionary states that self-discovery is the act or process of achieving self-knowledge. 

It uncovers where you place true value in life, therefore it can be a spiritual journey.

The benefits of a spiritual journey for self-discovery are that you come to accept things about yourself that are hard to change, you come to understand your purpose in life on a deeper level, gain self-confidence and become a better decision-maker. 

What are Some Examples of Self-Discovery?

There are many methods for self-discovery. Some examples of self-discovery techniques are:

Visualization – This can be in the form of a vision board or a brainstorming session to visualize and bring together ideas that you feel give a summation of your style and personality.

Planner Sessions – Again we are brainstorming but this time with your planner in front of you. Brain dumping ideas, goals, bucket lists, and other plans for your ideal day and future self.

Leaving your Comfort Zone – One of the most revealing things you can do is put yourself in situations that you haven’t been in before, and perhaps never wanted to be in! Seeing yourself outside your comfort zone will help you truly know your limits and abilities, not just assume them.

Journaling – Besides the Bible and prayer, this has had the biggest impact on my own self-knowledge. When I sit down to write I usually have a topic in mind. However, once I’m done I have seen all the connections my mind has made, leading me to a different conclusion. Sometimes those conclusions enlighten me about some aspect of myself I hadn’t considered up until then. 

Unlike the comfort zone technique, journaling actually creates rest and stress relief while doing self-discovery. So if you are like me, having journaling prompts for self-discovery might just be the ideal method. At least to start with!

How Do I Start Self-Discovery?

So how do you start the self-discovery process? My first step into this world was the Myers-Briggs personality test. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It’s the one where it gives you 4 letters that describe if you are Introverted, Extroverted, Intuitive, Sensing, Thinking, Feeling, Perceptive, and Judging. You may have seen memes or funny youtube videos about it.

This actually helped me to discover career options that were more fit for my personality. I think the Myers-Briggs is still an expensive test to take. I took mine through my college career office for free. It gives a pretty detailed analysis of various areas. However, you can take a knock-off called The 16 Personalities

Here are 14 Free Personality Tests you could try. I’m an INTJ and I love taking these, but if you don’t, we’ll go on to another great way to start.

Journaling Prompts for Self-Discovery

Now, you can definitely use the spiritual journaling prompts I created to help you deepen your relationship with God. I do feel that self-discovery is interlinked with going on a spiritual journey. 

However, if you just want to do a self-discovery journey separately, my sweet friend Giada from PurposefulDreamers.com has created this awesome freebie of 30 Journaling Prompts for Self-Discovery.

In this freebie, she will walk you through 30 questions that urge you to discern what matters to you.

Some ideas from the prompts which I think are brilliant:

  • Introduce yourself
  • What are you good at?
  • If you could not fail, what would you do?
  • A letter to your future self.
  • What will happen if you keep living like today?

I don’t want to give too much away, but I really feel this is a good printable to get if you are starting your self-discovery journey. 

Just go visit her at PurposefulDreamers.com and to get the free download right away go to 30 Journaling Prompts for Self-Discovery.

Looking for More Journaling Prompts? I’ve got tons here on the blog!

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