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How to Find Clarity by Doing a Monthly Reset

Today is a good day to start a routine of monthly resets. As I put together my September Reset and planner ideas, I realized that Autumn is a great time of year for starting something new because it’s a sort of renewal time of the year.

As I think about starting a monthly reset, I feel it’s best to center around God’s purpose for my life and that leads me to the book of Proverbs.

If you are unfamiliar, this is a book in the Bible that talks about wisdom and every Saturday I try to read from this book. I especially like the concepts around laziness, poverty, and plans.

Embracing Monthly Resets

I honestly have had a wake-up call this summer concerning homemaking and mothering at home. God has been so good to my family to allow me to mother at home but I have not always walked in the grace of it.

My mindset has seen it as a need and a compulsion because of our situation and the specific needs of my family members.

Due to this viewpoint, I have not always felt satisfied with it and as a matter of fact, several times I have tried to escape it. Yes, I have intentionally tried to find ways away from my home and into the work world, even through blogging.

Not that there is anything wrong with working! Even blogging for money is great, and I am not saying I’m not seeking to do that even now. But my mindset about it. The Bible talks about selfish ambition and that there is a time for everything.

Even in today’s scripture reading,

Many plans are in a man’s heart,
but the counsel of the Lord will stand.

Proverbs 19:21

Don’t misunderstand me, God’s plans for each person and family are as unique as the people themselves.

If you are a mom, it doesn’t equal being a sahm. If you are a sahm right now, it doesn’t mean God’s plan is for you to always be that. If you are a working mom, it doesn’t mean you will never be a SAHM!

I don’t know your story nor am I trying to paint a picture that every family could or should fit into.

I’m just telling my own story and experience.

And because God has clearly shown this to me, I have decided to fully embrace being at home, and if the season changes I will fully embrace being a working mom.

I am willing to humbly accept God’s plan, not the many plans of my heart (Prov 3:5-7).

I have struggled for many years with contentment but I think I’ve finally found my stride, Lord-willing!

The fear of the LORD leads to life, so that one may sleep satisfied, untouched by evil.

Proverbs 19:23

So, What is a Reset Routine?

A reset routine, be it weekly, monthly, or seasonally, allows you time to start again. Literally, it’s when your device puts everything back to the manufacturer’s specifications and wipes out all your add-ons, wallpaper, cookies, and apps you installed. It’s called resetting.

Now you can start with a clean slate, fresh and simple.

However, with a reset routine, you have the added bonus of analyzing and tracking what worked and what didn’t and you can improve upon it.

Ready to get your monthly reset routine started? this pinterest image shows coffee, a notebook and a knitting project, but a reset routine is much more than that, read along here!

What To Do During a Monthly Reset?

Now that I have this renewed mindset, I think I can truly appreciate seasonal and monthly resets and create some doable routines. I am looking at this September as the first of some purposeful life resets.

For my monthly resets, I am going to focus on just a few areas:

Monthly Planner Update
Monthly To Do Lists
Monthly Meal Plan
Financial Goals
Homemaking Goals
Wellness: Destressing, Friendships, Exercise and Serving

I might eventually add in a habit tracker and some other things but for now, I want to just get a good strategic monthly plan or overview so I’m more intentional with my time and making sure that I’m focused on serving.

When I think of it this way, it seems much simpler and straightforward.

What are the Benefits of a Monthly Reset?

I’ll tell you straight out – the benefits of a monthly reset are clarity and peace of mind. Plus, staying on track with your goals is a big benefit to doing this.

I used to fall into creating a reset checklist due to the chaos my life became after going along and going along and letting life happen to me.

I used to wonder why my motherhood walk would fall apart every month or every three and get frustrated because I wasn’t keeping up. I never considered that doing a monthly reset wasn’t just fun, cute lifestyle updates from Youtubers or health coaches.

Now I realize that different seasons of motherhood require tracking, analyzing what’s working and regularly updating routines, tasks, and appointments.

Just Do It!

Maybe you are like me and see yourself having to regularly do a forced reset due to homemaking chaos. Don’t despair or feel defeated because you lost your motivation, schedule, or overall strategy. Let’s avoid all that by doing a regular monthly reset routine together.

My first monthly reset is for September. Jump over to that post and let’s prepare together.

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