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Crafting Your Own Morning Journaling Routine

So you are here to talk about that sleepy time of day when everything is calm and all you want to do is continue to sleep? Why would you want to try to squeeze in one more thing like morning journaling? Either you are an insane early riser or you have found the key to clarity and beautiful moments and you want to create a system to maintain it. Crafting your morning journaling routine will allow you to solidify a regular time of capturing your thoughts and making true connections from day to day.

Let me show you how.

Why Morning Journaling?

Like me, you have probably found that having a good morning routine makes all the difference in my day, my attitude toward my kids, and even their own outlook on life.

I talked all about morning journaling in another post, but what I want to say here is that journaling as part of your morning routine provides you space for expressing your dreams and goals, and it allows you to process your thoughts for the day while things are still calm. It’s like a primer for the day.

Crafting Your Morning Journaling Routine

  1. Create a Dedicated Time: Set aside a specific time in the morning for your journaling practice. It could be the first thing you do upon waking or tag it on to the end of your morning routine. It’s best to do it at a time when you don’t think you’ll be interrupted!
  2. Create a Dedicated Space: It might be your bed or (for me) the bathroom. But it’s helpful to designate a space. Doesn’t it sound nice to have your own quiet corner or a cozy nook for a journaling sanctuary? With a view of the window so you can see the changing light of the morning, and things around you (maybe your planner) to inspire focus or creativity.
  3. Create a Dedicated Purpose: It’s nice to have a free for all when it comes to journaling, but your morning journaling routine shouldn’t be for that. Any time of the day, you can write anything you like, but mornings need to have a routine and rhythm. Because you have such limited time, you will be much more effective and efficient if you have an idea and purpose for your journaling time. Perhaps it’s to make a to-do list, review some aspect of yesterday, writing your dreams from that night, or something else! It’s up to you.

Personalizing Your Morning Routine

If you don’t already have a morning routine, you’ve gotta start there. Your routine needs to include more than just journaling, in order to get yourself together.

Start by preparing the night before. Clear away dinner dishes, select your clothes, and gather everything you’ll need for your morning activities. This allows you to save time in the morning so you don’t wake up rushed and so you have more time for journaling, ehh 🙂

Write down things that are important to you to add to your routine (besides breakfast and showering). Perhaps those are the only things important to you for your days, but you can also add things like:

  • Working out
  • Going for a walk
  • Reading God’s Word
  • Reading
  • Checking the news
  • Watering the plants
  • Journaling *wink* *wink*

Morning Journal Prompts

Once you create your routine, and you know your time, space, and purpose for your journal, now it’s time to do it. Sometimes you might be at a loss for what to write but keep with it. Make it a non-negotiable part of your routine, by always keeping some journaling prompts on hand.

Now if you don’t want to come up with some on your own, I have a cool morning journaling prompt printable (Four pages of prompts)!

Make your morning journaling routine work for you with these awesome tips. And don’t forget to grab your prompts printable.

If you are looking for more prompts, visit my journaling prompts page.

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  1. Morning journaling is my favorite activity to start the day. The calm surroundings help me to get my thoughts out without any disturbance. I truly believe crafting a morning journaling routine is important to do it consistently. Lovely tips!