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An Honest Review of Little House Living book

In today’s economic state frugal living is not just a good option but has become a necessity for many families. Frugal, not just living economically, but living simply with a keen understanding that this way of living brings forth a richness of life, health, and peace. No one knows that better than Merissa Alink, the author of Little House Living – the very book I’d like to review for you today.

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All About the ‘Make Your Own’ Guide

Even from first glance, the Little House Living book gives a feeling of warmth and simplicity from the attractive images of mason jars, outdoor life, and delicious foods.

Although the author may live a homesteading life, I wouldn’t say this is a modern homesteading guide as it’s been referred to. She doesn’t talk much about animal care, gardening, and certainly nothing about canning or food preservation.

However, her own subtitle of being a make your own guide fits just right.

Her simple, frugal ideas center more around self-sufficiency and natural living through making your own household and personal care items. And of course, a large section of the book is devoted to simple foods and ways to make food ahead to save time and money.

household section of the little house living book

No more pre-packaged taco mix full of unknown chemicals!

After the introduction and a bit about ingredients, budgeting and storage, the book divides up into frugal ways to:

  • care for your body
  • household (including cleaning and gardening)
  • children and pets
  • make-ahead mixes
  • meal planning
  • and a super useful appendix
laundry detergent recipe from little house living book

Unique Highlights

The appendix of this book stood out to me because for years I would wonder how can I make the best use of something in excess (e.g. apple peels after preparing apple pie).

No more worry because in the appendices she lays out uses for a variety of things. Equally, she notes some simple substitutions for when the opposite happens and you lack something. Most of the sections begin like, 5 uses for plastic bags, 5 uses for eggshells, and 10 uses for oats, just to name a few.

Not only will you come away from this book with lots of natural recipes for common items (like hair detangling spray, deodorant, and laundry detergent), but you’ll see some fun things like finger paints for kids.

kids finger paints section from little house living book

Also in her make-ahead mixes section, she talks you through a convenient, easy-to-follow method to start making ahead food, which I thought was really unique in the make-ahead food corner of the world.

I have read and listened to many gurus in this space but never came away with how I could get started without buying a kitchen full of food and spending a whole weekend cooking! And all throughout Merissa gives tips on how to best save money.

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Who is Merissa Alink?

If you just stumbled upon the book you may not know that Merissa has been around the internet for over a decade! Actually, that’s why I picked up the book because I used to follow Merissa’s blog very closely.

photo of Merissa Alink from her book Little House Living

We’re similar in many ways, except she started her blog at the time when the internet was still fairly new and I only had thoughts of starting a blog.

Her blog, Little House Living (same name as the book), is invaluable for the average stay-at-home mom who isn’t well-to-do. She has many many from scratch recipes and frugal tips on her blog.

From her book we know about her humble beginnings and, although internet famous in the simple living category, Merissa and her family still wouldn’t be considered wealthy. She freely shares in her book and blog about her struggles with health including infertility, a broken marriage that has by God’s grace been healed, and financial hit after financial hit.

One thing I’ve seen throughout all of this is how God uses Merissa to encourage us to be:

  • steadfast, persevering through all trials
  • joyful
  • content
  • entrepreneurial at heart

I truly love how these qualities show in Merissa and she really displays how to be a worker at home!

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My Honest Opinion of Little House Living (the book)

After reading Merissa’s introduction and seeing how she lays out the book in a very sincere and organic way, I have to say I love this book.

I think what stands out is that there is nothing showy or artificial about it. AND THE RECIPES WORK! I especially love how the Garden Spray actually got rid of my plant’s bugs.

Little House Living is truly a book from one woman’s heart to another. Even more so, one woman who has struggled financially and with health talking to other women who are truly to figure that out and is trying to learn the simple lifestyle.

The book shows in an authentic manner how you can live more frugally, like a country neighbor sharing homespun secrets. The ideas are clear and the flow of the book is helpful. All her money-saving tips throughout were practically and applicable.

As I mentioned earlier, I really feel this book could be helpful to many families. However, I think the Little House Living book would be especially helpful to those who want to get away from reliance on stores, chemicals in products, and spending money on things that can be easily made by anyone.

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