When you have a quiet moment, use these spiritual journaling prompts to create rest and refresh

20 Powerful Spiritual Journaling Prompts to Deepen Your Relationship with God

Every morning I do the same thing. I get out of bed, set the teapot on while I go pee and wash my face. I grab my vitamins, make myself a nice cuppa tea, then sit down with my Bible and an old planner. I use this old planner as a journaling place (because I don’t waste the planner pages I never used).  After reading, I write an application or summary. I never use any spiritual journaling prompts but what I do is a form of spiritual healing.

When you have a quiet moment, use these christian journaling prompts to create rest and refresh.

What is Spiritual Journaling?

There is a part of ourselves that lays beneath the everyday, physical world around us.  Google gives this definition: 

“the nonphysical part of a person which is the seat of emotions and character; the soul”

It is the invisible person within you that no one sees, but which dictates how you see everyone and everything else.  We know that everything around us in this physical world is made of matter – atoms – but a human being has an additional part.  Our personality and emotions sit in the place of spirit.  

When you start journaling you could use any journaling prompts but if you start journaling from your heart, your soul, this nonphysical part of you, then you will be spiritual journaling.  You can use Christian spiritual journal prompts to get the ball rolling. 

That’s why in this post I created for you a spiritual journal pdf to help you along the way.

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Download image for getting your spiritual journal pdf.  Includes the prompts from the post.
Click to download your spiritual journal pdf. Includes the prompts from the post.

How Does Journaling Help Spiritually?

So how does spiritual journaling actually help you?  I have found that journaling can be a place of rest, to de-stress from the chaos of mom life.   When you open up your heart to the true feelings you are having, and the meaning of the experiences in your life, you will feel a greater sense of relief than when you just do a surface kind of journal writing.  You will begin to make more connections to the people and situations around you.  You’ll gain insight and empathy, and grow as a person.  Also, the Bible will make more sense!  You can even talk to God in your journal, whereas saying a prayer can be harder for some.

Not only as a Christian does spiritual journaling make a difference, but if you don’t have a grounding or foundation in who God made you to be, spiritual journaling can lead you to know more about who you are, your purpose, and what life is about.  There are tons of spiritual benefits of journaling but you won’t know until you start.

What Do You Write in a Spiritual Journal?

You can write all kinds of things from prayers to scriptures to your thoughts on life or what you read about someone else’s thoughts on life.  You write what comes to mind but in a deeper way.  Did you have an argument?  Talk about why it happened, your feelings around it, and how it relates to you as a person.  Do you have some other issues or misconceptions that led to the argument?  Were you trying to make someone else believe you because deep down you feel like that person never tries to understand you?  Maybe you feel no one ever believes in you and you just boiled it all out suddenly.  These are deep seeded things and it takes a lot of thoughtful questions and invested time to work through them.  

If you find it hard to think of spiritual journaling ideas, look no further.  I know it is not super simple to come up with things to write when you aren’t used to writing spiritually.  Having that soul writing journal can be a lot easier when you have spiritual writing prompts. 

Click to check out the spiritual journal pdf that I created just for you 🙂

Download image for getting your spiritual journal pdf.  Includes the prompts from the post.
Click to download your spiritual journal pdf. Includes the prompts from the post.

20 Spiritual Journaling Prompts 

Here are the spiritual journaling prompts you’ll get in the pdf.  These prompts will get you writing in your journal on the topics that matter at the heart.  However, if you haven’t even journaled before you might want to start with some simple prompts for beginners.  

Otherwise, if you are ready to go, here they are:

  1. What’s a recent lesson you learned spiritually? What was the outcome?
  2. What is your favorite Psalm?  Write it out and write why it is.
  3. What is your time in God’s Word look like right now? What do you need to change?
  4. What did you read in your Bible today and what application can you give it?
  5. Write a letter to God and tell Him about you.
  6. Write a letter to God and tell Him everything you know about Him.
  7. What are you discontent about right now?  How can you seek to be more content?
  8. What’s a sin you are struggling with?  What are some Bible verses about that?
  9. How can you seek to be more grateful?
  10. Are you living in unforgiveness with someone?  Who? Why?
  11. Write out a prayer to God sharing your frustrations.
  12. Write out a prayer to God sharing all your joys.
  13. Write out a prayer to God venting about a hardship you endured or are enduring now.
  14. Make a list of scriptures that talk about healing.
  15. Make a list of scriptures that talk about comfort.
  16. Make a list of scriptures that talk about hope.
  17. Create a prayer list including others in your life and their needs but also your own.
  18. Is there something blocking your full faith in God?  What and why?
  19. What do you think being a Christian means?  What does the Bible say about following Christ?
  20. Are you truthful with yourself about your thoughts of Heaven, Hell and purpose on earth?  Why or why not?  How can you adjust any wrong thinking?
Spiritual journaling does not replace your need to talk to God, however, you can use these prompts to grow clearer to Him!

How do I Start Journaling for Self Healing?

When starting a journey with your journal, sometimes prompts just aren’t enough motivation.  If you are journaling for self-healing you will want to have an accountability partner.  Accountability journaling is when you have someone either journaling with you and you sharing together (so be ready to share!), or when someone simply gives you that nudge regularly to do it.  It’s hard to start, but if you can have someone doing it with you, you’ll go much further to reach your goals.

What if I Only Have the Spiritual Journaling Prompts?

I know we don’t all have someone to nudge us along. If that’s you, then you need to fall on your knees.  Pray for strength and motivation.  Even pray for God to send you someone to help you on your self-discovery/self-healing journey.  Spiritual journaling does not replace your need to talk to God and read the Bible.  It is an addition to those in order to pull out thoughts and feelings and connect on a deeper level.  Journaling isn’t for everyone so don’t neglect your time with God, thinking you’ll eventually journal.  But if you think this is for you and you don’t know how to start, start with the Lord.

Need to reconnect?  Self-heal with these 20 christian journaling prompts.

How Do I Journal Daily Spiritually?

So you know how to start or have already started journaling spiritually with these prompts.  Now you want to know how to daily journal.  Once you begin, you’ll see that journaling daily isn’t too hard.  You need to create a routine around it.  Like me, I journal briefly every morning after reading the Bible.  Maybe make your writing time short, or use the Christian prompts from this post every day.  Although the 21 days to a new habit may not be true, it’s still a solid start.  And maybe by then, I’ll have more Christian journaling prompts for you!

Don’t forget to pick up your spiritual writing prompts!

Download image for getting your spiritual journal pdf.  Includes the prompts from the post.
Click to download your spiritual journal pdf. Includes the prompts from the post.

In the comments tell me, what tricks do you use to journal daily?

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