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Summer To Do List

Remember those 11 FREE To Do Lists plus a premium bonus? Well, the premium Cute Cat To do list was so fun that I decided to make a summertime one. This summer to do list is just what you need to get you in the spirit of summer, and motivated when maybe all you want to do is relax on a beach and let the kids play.

This to do list bundle has a Gnome at the center of things. And it’s honey themed too! He just looks like he is ready to eat the honey and maybe stealing from the bees lol!

But the style is to encourage you to use the printables to

🌟 Get Your Day Aligned

🌟 Be more productive

🌟 Be more present

🌟 Have Less Stress

There are 3 pages in the bundle. Your traditional to-do list, summer theme, a things to do list, and your summer daily to dos. Yep, and you can get them today, by VISITING MY ETSY SHOP!

I have so many printables for free and for purchase, but to be honest, the best ones are at my shop on etsy, called PRETTY PAPER PLANS (you can follow me on Instagram for every single release)

If you love printables, paper or just want to get your life organized, I’m here for ya! 💖

Get Your Summer To Do List Printable Today

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