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A Thoughtful September Reset

Heya and thanks for joining me for my September Reset. If you’ve just come from my post on monthly resets, you’ll already know what’s driving me to do this and that you can do it too. Let’s organize our life together today, shall we?

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September Reset Overview

So for each month I really want to get in the mood and mindset. I decided to have a focal point to help me stay on target. This month’s focal point is Proverbs 19:21

Many plans are in a man’s heart, but the counsel of the Lord will stand.

Proverbs 19:21

I chose this passage for September because I realized how I’ve been planning my way and not seeking the Lord about my way. God has been counseling me, guiding me, and showing me His way for my life all summer long. 

I have had a distorted viewpoint and because of it, I have filled my life with my own plans.

So I want my September reset to really center around acknowledging that although my heart may have many plans and ideas, God’s ways are superior and I need to continually go to Him.

September Monthly Planner Update

So here’s my planner for the month.

I got this planner off of Amazon (like most things lol), and it serves me ok. I had a different planner last year but they were out of them when I was looking for a new one. 

Oh well. 

I like this one because it has the monthly view and the daily to do list blocks have ample writing space. 

If you’d like to see my video featuring this planner and how to set up a planner it’s available here on the blog and on my youtube.

For September plans, there’s leftover back to school stuff, my son’s soccer schedule, preserving from the summer garden and planting days for my Fall garden, and a few other calendar dates.

Monthly To Do Lists

The biggest thing this month is preparing for colder weather. 

So on my September To-Do List is helping hubby with our gutters and sealing up holes and cracks, deep cleaning my kitchen, switching out our family’s clothing and bedding with warmer items, and again preserving things from the garden. 

Mainly, I will be preserving herbs this year. I’ll make better use of my garden planner next year because my husband and I have already talked about plans for a larger garden next spring.

Monthly Meal Plan

When I began to write this post a couple of weeks ago, I still hadn’t any idea of what my plan would be. Wanted the meals to be like this month, a transition into fall.

as a part of my september reset here is my meal plan divided up to 4 meals per the 4 weeks

My general plan when putting together any meal plan is not to plan 30 or 31 days of meals. For the last few years, I have liked planning 1 week’s worth and repeating (with a few variations) for the whole month. 

This has saved me quite a lot of time and energy! Also, it allows me to have a staple grocery list for the month (although, in general, our groceries don’t change but some meals have the occasional odd ingredient). 

Financial Goals

This month the Lord has allowed my husband to obtain a new job. That means our money will be a little odd because we have a new pay schedule, plus the income amount is a bit different. My main financial goal is to save as much as I can without sacrificing the actual food and supplements that we need. 

I also have a side goal of earning enough money through my flexible side hustle to buy my high schooler his first cell phone (with lots of restrictions and things uninstalled). I plan to do some research on wristwatch tech to see if that might actually be a better idea. 

September Homemaking Goals

I have been on a homemaking reset for a while now. Having this September Reset gives me a chance to reinstate some ideas. 

I am really wanting to go through each room and declutter, deep clean and organize. However, I can only do so much in a month while juggling everything else at this stage of my motherhood. 

This month I plan to finish our bedroom and, Lord-willing, get going on the garage before it gets too cold. Even in early Fall, my state’s temperature can quickly drop to snow-like weather in just a couple of weeks. So this time of year we gotta act fast for outside chores. 

September Reset on Wellness: Destressing, Friendships, Exercise, and Serving

Lastly, for my September planning, I want to look at some wellness areas. I am one to get caught up so fast in tasks that I forget my self-care. Instead of calling it self-care I want to say wellness – body, soul, and mind. 

I already put a relax mode timer on my phone. It’s set for Thursday – Sunday at 7pm and blocks all app notifications, texts and calls except my mom and husband. 

screenshot of my phone displaying the relax mode option

For my peace of mind, I need to have time when needs, suggestions, and even good ideas are not coming across my plate; a time when I can just forget about more to-dos. 

Also, I want to start a regular exercise routine. All summer I’ve struggled to be consistent, but now that the kids are in school, I’m hopeful to get a new routine. I’m looking at Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

I’m hoping to continue being active in serving at church and I have some specific ways of doing that using my blogging skills! 

And lastly, to have some sit-down time with 2 friends this month. It really refreshes me although I’m an introvert.

What’s Your September Reset?

So now that you’ve seen what I’m doing and how I’m directing my month, you need to share yours! I would love to hear from you in the comments about what’s working and what you are looking forward to doing or changing this month.

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