multicolor advent calendar

Free Printable Advent Calendar

There are super cute advent calendars that you can print and enjoy alone or with your family. It doesn’t take much to create an advent tradition, but these 3 free printable advent calendars will make it even simpler!

I started out with one, but ended up with 3 designs, original snow white, cornflower blue (or poweder blue if you like) and a gradient multi-colored calendar. My only regret is not giving a darker border to the white because on this page it doesn’t shine like it did in my Google Drive. I’m sure once you download it’ll be better.

You get all 3 in one pack, totally FREE! SIGNUP to DOWNLOAD!

multicolor advent calendar
snow white free printable advent calendar
cornflower blue free printable advent calendar

Not only that but when you sign up to the 3PC Community for Triple Ps (Pretty Paper Planners) you get free access to the treasure box of printables!

If you love printables, paper or just want to get your life organized, I’m here for ya! 💖

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