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Winter Journal With Me + 30 Enchanting Winter Journal Prompts {to Unlock the Magic of Winter}

Winter is probably the best time to journal and reflect. The winterscape is amazing and dreamy. Taking time to journal your imaginations and wishes is apt this time of year, although you may find it difficult to know how to start. Simply follow along with my winter journal with me video for some winter inspiration then scroll down for some of the best winter journal prompts!❄️✨

The result

Best Winter Journaling Prompts

Did you get some ideas from the journal with me video? 

Now it’s your turn. 

Take these winter writing prompts while the snow is falling and turn them into cozy reflections on the past year, the year to come, life, friends, holidays and more!

The sparkle of the snow while cozying up with a warming cup of tea will put you in the mood to write, rest, and reap the benefits of journaling.

Let these cozy reflections guide you to a self-discovery adventure this winter. 

Now for the Winter Journal Prompts:

  1. What has been your favorite memory of this past year?
  2. What lessons did you learn this past year?
  3. What does winter look like to you?
  4. What does winter sound like?
  5. What does winter mean to you?
  6. What can you create in the snow?
  7. Do you like the snow? Yes or no? Why?
  8. Write about a time you spent in the snow.
  9. Write about a sunny day in winter.
  10. Why do you think God gave us winters?
  11. List 5 positive things about winter.
  12. What are you favorite winter movies? Why?
  13. What are you looking forward to about winter?
  14. Why is winter magical? What can be found out about it?
  15. Write a character in a wintry scene.
  16. How can you let go of negativity this season?
  17. How can you embrace winter?
  18. Make a winter bucket list.
  19. Describe a fun night out in winter.
  20. List your favorite winter drinks.
  21. What’s interesting about fire and fireplaces?
  22. How can you rest more during this winter?
  23. What’s a habit you’d like to start? Write steps of how to achieve it.
  24. Describe a comforting self-care routine you can start.
  25. Write about a snowflake’s journey through the crisp air.
  26. Write about an enchanting winter fairy encountering you as a child.
  27. What would peace look like in your life?
  28. Describe your favorite comfort foods.
  29. What are your hopes for the coming spring and summer seasons?
  30. What will you miss once winter ends?

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