Homemaker Goals Checklist

Doesn’t matter if you are a mom or not, a stay at home wife or not, a working professional or not – you could even be a student still living with your parents – you need goals for your home. This home goals checklist will make a real difference in your life, making a more comfortable and productive home.

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homemaking goals for winter and all year long

What is a Home Goals Checklist?

It is a list of ideas to attend to as the mom and/or homemaker.

Homemaking is really about home management and you attention to all of the goings on of the family that lives there, if it’s just you and your spouse, your single parent or a house full of 7 plus people. Every person needs attention to things like doctors appointments, nutritious meals and good habits.

As the lady of the house, it is (at least in part) your responsibility for so many things and keeping track of these things, getting a start on these without losing your mind, needs assistance. This Home Goals (or Homemaking Goals) Checklist is just that.

Why Set Homemaking Goals?

Setting goals keeps you and your home from falling into disarray. I mean real chaos can come about in your home (and maybe already is) if you do not have some type of purpose or plan.

Life for many homemaker’s just happen. Day by day the house, appointments, emails, bills can be swept away by just keeping up with the people, food, dishes and needs that pop up.

You can have some solid control of all of these things – not perfectly, but keeping ahead of the game will come a lot easier if you have a home goals checklist.

How to Use the Homemaking Goals Checklist

Your Home Goals Checklist is versatile.

You can use it as is as a jumping off point to creating habits in your home that matter most to you. This is especially helpful for new moms or new homemakers who don’t know where to start.

This list gives you the backbone of all things homemaking and most importantly, creating routines and processes that will carry you through life.

You can also use it as inspiration. If you have already formed some habits and have some basic routines and processes, you can use this list to think of what’s lacking or what needs improvement. Write in or scratch out ideas from this list, or create a different one with these in mind.

If you want to challenge yourself just in the Kitchen to have better foods, easier dinners, and save money, or you are on a health journey, also pick up my Kitchen Goals Worksheet, from my Kitchen Journal series.

How to PrintThe Home Goals Checklist

Printable pages are a great way to organize and document as you need. They are simple to use.

  1. Choose the pdf you want from the blog.  You can get the free ones by joining the community for access to the Treasure Box of printables (learn more below). You can get the premium ones by visiting my Pretty Paper Plans shop.
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  3. Print the printable. Once you download, load your printer with high-quality paper and click print. You can also choose to save the file and go to a shop like Staples or a FedEx store and have it professionally printed.

Download this Home Goals Checklist

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homemaking goals for winter and all year long

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