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Aesthetic Gardening Journal and Printable Garden Planner

We moved one year after the pandemic started. It was a hectic time in the housing market but I  was ok with that. I was too focused on getting into a house that allowed my kids to have their own rooms and me to have space for a garden! It was one of those mom dreams that perhaps you share with me. If you are looking to plan a garden this year, I have a printable garden planner to help make your dreams a reality.

Skip the chatter! Grab the Printable Dream Garden Planner

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Why Use a Printable Garden Planner?

I don’t know about you but I have trouble finding an inexpensive planner that includes just the right spaces and pages that I need. I have benefited from using planner printables and templates all throughout my motherhood journey, so why not use one for gardening? 

With a printable garden planner you can keep track of what you’ve planted, the plant’s progress, all the plant’s details, and any observations or ideas for your garden. 

The best thing about it is that you don’t have to wait on a shipment to arrive, just print and go. As with all printables, you can start right away and that saves so much time!

My Aesthetic Gardening Journal and Planner

Now before I had the idea of creating a printable garden planner, I used a journal. Yep, a trusty ol’ journal – well this one isn’t actually old. In fact, it is quite the aesthetic journal.  

garden journal

Ndsox Colorful Blank Notebook with Oil Painting Design (Almond Blossom Edition)

My gardening journal is one that I transformed from a beautiful small colorful journal full of classic paintings and quotes into a garden journal. I needed somewhere to place my garden plans and as I mentioned in my Quick Reference on Ideas For Empty Notebooks post, I bought this for its beauty but had no idea what to put in it.

A whimsical idea popped up. I could use it with its beautiful greens and blues and foliage on the front, to be the place I keep my gardening notes.

You can see I have a page listing some plants and herbs I wanted to focus on, medicinal herbs and what they do, seed germination, and some ideas I had for container gardening. I was especially interested in the herbs and medicinal qualities of certain flowers.

I thought this page was a great place to put fall planting ideas.

I not only wanted my garden journal to be a garden planner, but I also was interested in the cozy and quaint idea of journaling about my garden adventures.  

Unfortunately, I didn’t make any journal entries yet, otherwise, I would show you. I will consider adding a video flip-through of this soft, aesthetic Victorian-like journal that you can grab on Amazon for yourself.  

It’s great for any dreamy or memoir kind of thoughts.

The Printable Garden Planner

Even though I could write whatever I wanted in my gardening journal, I felt the need for something with more specific categories and structure.

display of the printable garden planner pages

The Printable Garden Planner (includes a garden dream and other journaling pages)

I created this planner to help you stay organized while having fun. Year-to-year you can create memories of your time outdoors in your garden and the beautiful harvest the Lord allowed you to enjoy. 

These printable garden plans will help you create a garden layout, track what varieties you have, when you plant and harvest, and take notes for next season, equipped with a budget sheet, shopping list and a calendar.

You’ll also have 3 different journaling pages to choose from for recording ideas, memories or brainstorming or whatever notes you like. 

Click here to purchase this easy-to-use printable garden planner

The Best Thing about Printable Garden Plans

As an extension of the print-and-go idea, I wanted to expand on the convenience it is. I love having a printable garden planner so that you can take individual pages out. Let’s say you need to hit the store to get your garden supplies.  You can take the shopping list with you without taking the whole planner everywhere. This is especially helpful if you are out in the garden on a wet day. You can laminate the pages or put them in plastic binder pocket sheets and just take one page. 

Don’t forget to purchase your dream garden planner!

Even if you don’t laminate, your page or pages that are wet or soiled can be replaced.

Simply reprint and go!  

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  1. You’ve achieved the best of both worlds with this planner, both the planning aspect and the possibility of adding journaling about garden adventures. Good luck with how it goes!

  2. Well this is interesting. I said I wanted to start a garden when we bought our first house. Never even thought of a garden planner. Thank you !