Signature Productivity Guide

Sick and tired of being behind the 8-ball when it comes to planning? You can successfully plan your day and organize your life with my Signature Productivity Guide!

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What is the Signature Productivity Guide?

This planner idea will help you get your life organized and get things done. Of course, you could use this as a guide for any GTD situation, however, this guide focuses on creating better habits and routines in and around the home. From simple habits like getting up on time, to having a clean house or running your own business, this guide will step you through actually creating the habits that will give you success at home every day.

Who is this Free Printable Planner For?

This type of planner is perfect for anyone really, but especially made for homemakers and stay at home moms. The challenges to us at home are different from those who are pushed out the door early in the morning and have their time scheduled for them by the demands of the day.

Trying to organize your time wisely when your schedule is quite open is something to itself. It is also difficult to understand unless you are the one in the situation. This is what makes the Signature Productivity Guide ideal, coming from a mom who has learned over a decade while cultivating home and family.

It’s not about laziness but about too many options and too much space. It’s easy to misuse or squander because anything can be done anytime!

I understand this struggle, so I created a planner just for us!

Watch as I use this planner to create a new evening routine!

Inside the planner pdf you’ll find:

🌟 4 planner pages and the cover (5 sheets total) :: Paper size 8.5 x 11 in

🌟Home Goals Checklist

🌟A daily and weekly routine sampler

🌟Weekday at Home Time Block Scheduler

🌟Hacklist for Better Mornings

How to Use the Planner Printable


Print it.

Take the Home Goals Checklist and highlight a few habits or routines you’d like to work on. As you accomplish them check them off and start on others. You can pair this up with one of my cute daily to-do lists to make sure you are making daily efforts toward your goals.

Use the Daily and Weekly Routine page as a sample of how to organize your day. Take some time to brainstorm what would be the best things to include or exclude for your family.

Once you have a general routine idea, take the Time Blocking Schedule and fill in how to get your day accomplished. Use the Trigger column as a reminder. Whatever comes before or triggers the next part of your routine should be filled into the last column. It may take you a few days, but eventually, it’ll become natural to do your habits or routines in the order you’ve set forth.

Lastly, if you have trouble getting up out of bed, you can use the Wake Up Happier printable as inspiration and a checklist to create a much smoother morning!

How to Get the Signature Productivity Guide

Again, easy. Just sign up for access to my community’s Treasure Box. When you sign up to the Creative Keepers community you’ll get this little goodie and many many more, all for free. Plus, the Treasure Box will always be free.

If you love printables, planners or journals, I’m here for ya! 💖

cover for the productivity guide to organize your life

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