the mockup of what's included in the home canning planner
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Home Canning Printable Planner and Journal

Did you know that canning food is not just a summer to-do? Yep, for years I thought food preservation is really something only done in the summer, but I found out better. You can find out everything you can do with this new Home Canning Printable Planner and Journal.

The cover for the canning planning printable shown as if it was a book cover.

Isn’t it beautiful? But this home canning printable set is more than aesthetics. There are THIRTY (30) pages of printables for planning and recording your canning/preserving process.

You can use this canning planner to

🌟 Plan your garden and shopping around the foods you want

🌟 Purchase and upkeep needed supplies and equipment

🌟 Learn about different food preservation methods

🌟Keep track of the outcome of your preserving efforts

a page from the home canning printable pack - the canning supply list

Although this isn’t one of my free printables, you will be supporting my efforts to run this site, and create food preservation for my own family when you buy from my Pretty Paper Plan Shop.

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the mockup of what's included in the home canning planner

Don’t have any money, I get it! You can still SIGNUP to my 3PC (Pretty Paper Planners) Community for other cute printables.

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If you love printables, paper or just want to get your life organized, I’m here for ya! 💖

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