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50 Best Back-to-School Ideas: Easy Back-to-School Tips for Moms

I can’t believe we are heading towards the end of summer already! The stores, very early, are putting their back to school ideas front and center.

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Do you remember thinking as a kid that summer lasted forever? Now as adults, we know time flies. Each season, but especially in the summer, we need to plan to enjoy the moments. I would say the same thing goes with the back to school season. Don’t just rush in and out of it. This ending part of summer ritual is still so important.

In this post, I’m giving you 50 of the best back to school ideas, including things like crafts and preparing your kids. I want you and your kids to think about and enjoy the process.

Crafts and Fun Back to School Ideas

Best Adorable Back to School Crafts from This Tiny Blue House

Fun Free Printables (Everything from Teacher Gifts to Coloring Pages) from the Typical Mom

Back to School Bingo game from the Typical Mom

Photo Op Ideas from The Dragon Mama

Back to School Word Search from Room Mom Rescue

kids books

Books for Getting Ready for School

Back to School Picture Books from Fluxing Well

School for the First Time Books from The Dragon Mama

(hey, looking for preschool essentials? check out tiny hands tiny home!)

Back to School Routines

Make Mornings Less Hectic

7 Steps to a Transformed Evening Routine – Attachment Mummy

Tips on Bedtime Routines – Ottawa Mommy Club

Simple Back to School Routines for Busy Families – Busy Mom Smart Mom

Best Morning Routine for School – Healthy Happy Impactful

Smart Moms Guide to How to Create Routines – Raising Royalty

organized school supplies

Back to School Ideas for Organization

Back to School Checklist for Parents – Family Focus Blog

How to Start Getting Ready for Back to School Mini-Guide – Mommy to Many

Prepare for First Days of School – The Organized Family Blog

30 Lifesaver Back-to-School Organization Ideas – A Hundred Affections

Drawer organizer on Amazon

Organization Prep for School Days – Good HouseKeeping

Set Up a Back to School Command Center – Attachment Mummy

Organizer Caddy on Amazon

Back-to-School Printable Planner (with Supplies Checklist) – Easy as 123 ABC

School Clothes Shopping

Finding School Clothes on a Budget – Mommy Evolution

5 Ways to Save on School Clothes (and Supplies) – Honey and Lime

Best Back to School Clothing Ideas from ETOnline

corner of a kitchen for making lunches

Lunchbox Ideas and Meal Planning

School Lunch Planner (+ Easy Lunch Ideas & Meal Planning Tips) – Simply Well Balanced

Back to School Cookies You’ll Love from Christina’s Cucina

Vegan, GF Uncrustables (sandwiches) – Strength and Sunshine

Insulated Cooler on Amazon

Best Water Bottle for Kids – Simply Full of Delight

Bento Lunch Box Ideas w Printable Jokes – Ottawa Mommy Club

Bento boxes on Amazon

Healthy Lunchbox Favorites – Attachment Mummy

Free Printable Lunchbox Notes – Simply Full of Delight

container for colored pencils

Back to School Ideas for Homeschoolers

Top Back to School Ideas for Homeschoolers from Raising Arrows

Homeschool Goals for Tweens and Teens – Education Possible

Activities for Tweens – Education Possible

Homeschool Scheduling 101: Planning Your Year – Only Passionate Curiousity

Homeschool Scheduling 101: Tackling Your Week – Only Passionate Curiousity

Pack of Glue on Amazon

First Day of School Printables and Signs

Best First Day of School Signs – Simply Full of Delight

Printable First Day of School Signs – Leap of Faith Crafting

FREE First Day of School Sign Printable – My Motherhood Made Easy

Editable First Day of School Sign – Artistic Downloads Shop

First through Twelfth Grade Editable First Day of School Signs – Maple Planners

Personalized Reusable White Board Dry Erase Back to School Sign – Lily and Max

Most Popular Back to School Sign on Etsy

B2School Cool Resources

2023 Best Back to School Deals – USA Today

Check Your State’s Tax-free Back to School Days

How to Get Free Back to School Supplies – RetailMeNot

20 Awesome Eco-Friendly School Supplies from Earth Friendly Tips

More Eco-Friendly Back to School Supplies – Attachment Mummy

What Your Kids Need for School (Grades K-2nd) from Shop with me Mama

Back to School Esssentials from Momfessionals

Best School Supply Deals on Amazon

Final Thoughts

Coming to the end of this round-up, I just want to emphasize the importance of setting your kids up for success by being there with them through this process.

Each school year is new and different but it doesn’t have to be a bore. Encourage your kids to come to you with any thoughts or needs, especially as it concerns school.

Let these back to school ideas stir up creativity and excitement for this time of year. School can create amazing memories but how you approach it and the routines you set will navigate how and what your kids remember!

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