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A Sunday Routine Reset for Moms Who Want to Be Intentional

I found myself making the same comment twice in one month – What happened to the Sabbath? By this I meant there doesn’t seem to be a rest day or a day off for moms, at least not anymore. This is why I want to create a new Sunday reset routine.

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Why a Sunday Reset Routine? Why not Saturday?

To be honest, why I chose Sunday as the weekly reset day is more of a mindset of mine.

I always see days as revolving around certain concepts and moods. Saturdays are for fun stuff, going out, partying, shopping. Sundays are for coming in, resetting, preparing, and spiritually looking forward.

I’m sure it’s from being a kid and that was kind of the tone in my house. 

Growing up in the 90s there just wasn’t anything to do much on Sundays. Finishing up that little bit of homework, listening to TV ministers because my family did not attend church, and watching reruns of Star Trek and Columbo. The afternoon would run by while I flipped channels or played in my backyard on warmer days.

I just naturally took things slower on Sundays and there wasn’t much to focus on except the week ahead.

Now as an adult, having a weekly reset (posing as a Sunday Reset Routine), makes the most sense to happen on a Sunday.

The Benefits of a Weekly Reset Routine

Just like with my monthly resets, I think having a weekly routine of resetting holds a number of benefits. For one, as a mom, I think it helps put brackets to your week. It is so easy to go from week to weekend to week again without stopping to observe the passage of time and rest.

In mom life, everything is just go go go!

I like to describe a reset in the way a device is “reset” back to the manufacturer’s specifications – thereby wiping out everything you installed or changed.

However, when it comes to our lives, that’s not quite the best way to put it. Resetting is more of a healing strategy for stress relief and being mentally prepared for what’s to come.

So the main benefit is for physical and mental rest and relief, but another benefit is helping your family.

Isn’t that what all this organization is about?

By doing an effective weekly reset, you’ll be more ready for your family, having things ready and organized for them, teaching them to be better at organizing, and leading everyone’s week to go just that much better!

Setting the Tone for a Successful Week

The first part of creating a sunday reset routine needs to be your devotion and admiration for God. If you aren’t a believer, you need to change that fast because motherhood is much more difficult and senseless without the plan of our Creator.

Sunday mornings can be a lot of things, but without regular attendance and devotion to our own Father, how in the world will we be good mothers?

Setting the tone for a successful week will begin with finding our spiritual call as mothers in God’s ultimate plan for why we are here in the first place. I know, no one wants to get up early on a day they don’t have to, but it’s best to do so. Because on the days you do have to, you don’t have much time to feed your soul and spirit

Organizing Chaos for a Successful Week

If you are anything like me, almost on a daily you are running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Sometimes I wonder, where do I start?

Sundays y’all.

Let’s just start on Sundays. After church, you might need a break, lunch, or naptime (for kids and adults!). But then, take your Sunday afternoon and continue your reset routine with getting organized. 

Usually, there are dishes, laundry, paperwork, and meals to do. Let’s just assume that’s it (at least those are the most tedious and ongoing issues in most households). If you have a husband or kids who are old enough to help, split a few tasks up. Have them help you with laundry and folding or doing a few meal-prepping tasks.

This works best if you take Saturday to at least plot out some meal ideas for the week.

I would try to get 1 load of dishes done, 2 loads of laundry (or more if you have help), go through the mail and any school papers that need to be returned on Monday, and after all of that, do some meal prep.

Meal Planning and Prepping

I haven’t talked much about meal planning on here yet, but having a meal plan and doing some prep on the weekend (be it Sunday or Saturday) will really streamline your week.

The main type of prep you should concern yourself with during your Sunday reset routine is lunches. 

If you have time for more, go for it, but getting together some ideas, chopping veggies, and putting fruit in separate containers, will go a long way.

If you work outside the house, or maybe for your hubby, making ahead stirfry or cooking and slicing up chicken for salads or even making a pot of soup to go with your lunch will save you a lot of time and stress.

Picking out Kids School Clothes

I think this is another big boulder that you can get out of the way every week. Lunches, dinners and clothes are a big issue for us (probably because I put it off…shh!). If you can remember to add clothing to your Sunday reset routine, you and your family will have a happier week.

Pick out an outfit for each day for each kid and hang it in their closets in order. 

Some people use labeled drawers or cubbies and that’s fine. If you don’t have that, you can create your own labels or just put them in order and notify your kids about what you did and why. It’s a wonderful habit to create of getting the weekly clothes ready and in order on Sunday.

Calendar Organization + To-Do Lists

I just want to make a quick note that Sunday nights are the perfect time to update your calendar and create a to-do list either for your week or for Monday. If you want to learn more, go read my 3-step process on How to Successfully Use a Planner.

Being Intentional for a Successful Week

The exhaustion of the week falls heavily on Friday evenings and Sunday nights. Maybe it’s a mom thing, an introvert thing, or a me thing, but during these periods I just want to loath off and do nothing intentional at all.

However, I always regret that I used my few free spots goofing off on my phone or doing some other thing that I can’t even remember. 

Check out this book on focus, being present, in Motherhood!

Let’s include some intentionality in our Sunday reset routine, so instead of regret, we can enter the week with rejoicing and thankful hearts, ready to serve. 

Some intentional things you can add to your weekly routine can be:

  1. Journaling (of course)
  2. Reading to your kids
  3. Making a delicious dessert (and doubling it to share!)
  4. Learning to sew, knit, or crochet
  5. Play a family board game
  6. Scrapbook
  7. Call a family member or friend
  8. Gardening
  9. Write Letters
  10. Stargazing and researching the stars


I know that almost all moms have a heavy weight on their shoulders, coming into this with no manual on life. Some of us have heavier weights than others.

However, I am confident, that if you set your mind to be an intentional mom, doing this or some type of Sunday reset routine will benefit, not just you but, your whole household.

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