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Cute and Organized: 11 Free Printable Daily To-Do Lists You’ll Love! (Plus 3 Premium Lists You Gotta See)

Looking for some cute and free printable daily to do lists? I created these 11 cute to-do list templates for the mom who wants to get things done and be productive at home and at work, plus 3 beautiful premium lists. 

Even though to-do list printables don’t have to be cute, you guys know that I have an eye for anything cute and kawaii-styled. No matter, if they are cute or not, fancy or not, learning how to use a to-do list, can help you create an organized life. 

How Do I Use These Printable To-Do Lists?

These free to-do list pdfs are a great way to organize your tasks, brainstorm parts of your life or even make a grocery list. They are also simple to use.

  1. Choose from the free and premium printables.  You can get the free ones by signing up to my mailing list. You can get the premium ones by visiting my Pretty Paper Plans shop.
  2. Print the to-do list. Once you have chosen which page to print, print them out on high-quality paper. 
  3. Use the printable! Start using the cute to do lists to capture your tasks, ideas, and appointments (more ideas below).  If you are just getting started, learn more about how to plan for beginners.

Blank Free Printable Daily To Do Lists

#1 Berry Basket (detailed)

Berry basket To do list printable image, it has a bluish purple background with doodle area

This to do list printable is detailed, with its bluish-purple background and dots in the doodle area, reminds me of summer picking berries.

#2 Picnic

image of a cute printable to do list pdf  that is bright and kid-like, with a picnic blanket background colored pink.

This cute printable to do list pdf is bright and kid-like. I could see a mom using this for her daughter’s morning routine or to list steps to cleaning her room.

#3 Linear

A blank printable to do list that has a gradient style and large line spaces.  Color scheme is blue to pink violet.

This blank to do list has a gradient style and large line spaces. You could use cute stamps or stickers to mark things as done.

#4 Daily Peek-a-boo

A blank free printable daily to do list template with a cute cartoon girl peeking in from the side.

Super cute printable to do list with a cartoon girl peeking in from the side. Tons of space for you to be creative.

#5 Lilac

I have always liked this type of flower (although the image isn’t of lilacs!). This printable pdf gets its name from the color of lilacs with the thought of writing on lined sheets.


#6 Kaleidoscopic

Did you ever have a kaleidoscopic as a kid? Lots of colors hitting you at once.

#7 Orange Juice

Thirsty for productivity? There are so many spaces, in case you are the person who has or wants a large list to tackle each day. 

#8 Rosie Mom

Rosie seems like a quaint kind of list for a sweet mom who wants to have things prepared for her family. 

#9 Open Space

Just so much space on this blank free printable to do list. You can draw, place stickers or glue in a planner page from somewhere else! There is a universe full of ideas for this space. (all puns intented)

#10 Cute and Minimal

Does this minimal list please your senses? It does mine.

#11 Childlike

Another spacey to do list you can use as a place to be playful. 


Cute Premium To-Do List Printable

Guys check out this ultra-cute cat bundle that you can grab at my store! I felt pretty inspired creating these 3 cat printables, probably due to my own new cat in our home. My cat, Domino, is very curious and loves to play. Sometimes while the kids are in school she looks lonely but most of the time she is quite the happy cat. These printables can be great for moms, ladies who love cats, or girls who are just getting into organizing. You could also use it to keep up with cat chores.


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