Productive Morning Routine Ideas for Maximizing Your Energy and Enhancing Your Life

I found early in motherhood, the key to me having productive days is having a morning routine.  For me, it’s the time of day when it is the quietest and I’m the most centered. Nighttime can be that for you but if you are more naturally focused in the morning and you want to maximum on your energy all day, these morning routine ideas will do the trick.

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What Can I Do for a Productive Morning Routine?

First, stop trying to copy others. Yep, I said it.

Not that long ago the super famous book, the Miracle Morning, came out. 

It was written about how the average everyday person can get a hold on their mornings and everyone went crazy trying it and talking about it. And you know what I did? Kept doing what I knew worked for me. 

Even though this post is about morning routine ideas, I’d love for you to just glean a bit and go make your own. No matter who wrote it, even the most productive person on the planet (enters Elon Musk), at some point, you’ve got to develop your own morning routine.

So no more Instagram, Pinterest morning routines, and get those youtube morning routines off your playlist.

Get Off of Your Phone and Turn Off the News 

While we’re talking about it, your phone in general will sabotage your mind in the morning. If you want to be productive you have to shut down outside noise. I know everyone says we are multitaskers (especially in motherhood) but the best you will appear during times of focus.

When the phone is put away, you will be in control and more organized.

Morning Routine Ideas for Maximum Productivity

Start Getting Ready the Day Before

Get your dinner dishes out of the way.

Get your clothes, and your kids’ clothes, picked out.

Gather everything you will need for your morning activities.

Gather your thoughts and put together, not just any plan, but your perfect morning plan.

Your perfect morning plan can be formed by writing down all of the things you’d love to do that next morning.  But remember you’d have only an hour or two. Slim down your priorities to 5 then take your top 3. That’s probably what will happen in reality anyway.  

If you want, save the other 2 out of 5 for naptime.

Your Morning Routine Starts at Night

Get to Bed on Time

For most, this is 10-10:30 pm.  If you are past the first year to 2 years of babyhood then you really have no excuse for staying up later than 10 pm.  If you have a toddler waking in the night, which is sometimes an issue, then it might mean going to sleep an hour earlier so waking up doesn’t affect you as much.  

Get Up No Later than 6 AM

A morning routine for moms at home is no different than a morning routine for any other person. If you are to make the most of your morning, 6 am is generally going to be your wake up time. If you are a WAHM with kids in the home all day, I recommend 5 am, but you do you.

How to Get Up Earlier

If that seems too hard, work at it gradually. Try 20-minute intervals. If you are normally up at 6:45, set an alarm for 6:25 and try that for a couple of days. Then change the alarm to 6 am. If you are shooting for 5 am, then do 6 am for a couple of days and move it back to 5:40 am until you get to your goal.

Don’t Let Your Morning Routine Rule You

This is important! When I had a 5-year-old, and a 3-year-old and was pregnant, I slept late, into 9 am many times. It was a chaotic time. I was literally living in crisis mode, but I gave myself grace.  It was ok because it was only for a season and I knew that.

For Moms who have a hard time getting going

That season did pass and I started to yearn for a consistent morning routine.  Sometime later when I began my journey to make the most of my morning, I was waking at 5:30 am.  This didn’t happen all at once and it certainly didn’t happen during certain times of motherhood.  

Now, years later, I am able to get up at 5 am with little issue.  I’m not dirt tired from being awakened every night. So don’t beat yourself up to do this, especially, if you are pregnant or within 2 years of having given birth, your body needs to recoup.

Figure out what you are able to do without being dirt tired by 9 am.

Energy is a huge deal in motherhood.  Your hormones are everywhere, you are drunk tired from getting up all night, plus the busyness of each day with kids.  You feel mentally drained and may be wondering if you can even do a morning routine as a mom.

Well, let’s plan for morning energy! 

Free Morning Energy Planner

Page 1 of the free Morning Energy Planner

I created this Morning Energy Planner because I love you and I don’t want to see you struggling in the mornings like I did so many times. 

This is a simple planner, with a morning routine checklist, can help you form your morning routine.

Yours for free when you join the 3PC Community.  In this community you’ll find moms like you who just want to get organized. 

Plus when you sign up you’ll get free access to the Treasure Box of cool freebies.

Once you get this morning planner, you might even be able to get up earlier! But don’t push to get up early. If you are wiped out or unfocused, you are defeating the whole point.  You would do much better to simply sleep more.

How do I Start my Day with Energy?

When I started to get my life organized, probably only 5 years ago, I realized it would be impossible if I didn’t find daily time without the kids – I mean real time without the kids.  Having a morning routine was the answer.

I love the use of quiet time, but I admit there are times when the kids don’t cooperate. Quiet time became a noisy time, “Mom I need help” time, and not to mention, “Is quiet time over?” time.  

Ideas for More Peaceful Day

I’m not saying that having a morning routine isn’t just as faulty. Kids wake up early, you may be sleepy or unable to get up depending on how yesterday went. However, starting your day (with energy) is possible!

Here’s a morning routine checklist for how to start your day with energy

  • Have a satisfying, healthy dinner (this is your fuel)
  • Get an evening routine that includes tidying the house
  • Get to bed on time (7-8 hours if possible!)
  • Wake up without scrolling or surfing
  • Skip the coffee (trust me)
  • Drink a glass of water (or tea) with lemon or a bit of apple cider vinegar
  • Drink at least 5 glasses of water throughout the day
  • Repeat 3 days in a row

Why 3 days?

Because you have to give your body a chance to adapt to the system. You also need time to rehydrate your body and dump all of the caffeine cravings. Plus you’ll create a small reserve of rest from having a few nights of sleeping on time. 

If you (like me) have trouble sleeping, feel especially tired after eating or have waves of tiredness throughout the day when you’ve slept all night, you might want to look into medical issues like adrenal fatigue.

In most other cases, in 3 days you will see a difference in your morning energy!

Morning Routine Ideas for Maximum Energy

Now for maximum energy, here are some ideas you can use to create your own morning routine. 

The best Morning routine ideas all in one place

Mom Energy Morning Routine Ideas

  • Hydrate! Lack of water can cause fatigue
  • Exercise. Something simple to get your blood pumping
  • Light Breakfast
  • Vitamin B (<–I use these and it’s like magic!)
  • Step outside

5am Morning Routine Ideas

If you wake up bright and early like me, here’s what you can do in the dark morning hours.

  • Pray and Study God’s Word
  • Take a Bath
  • Read
  • Journal
  • Work/Study/Plan 

Aesthetic Morning Routine Ideas

How do you do an aesthetic morning routine? Easy. 

  • Use candles, fairy lights and soft lamps
  • Play relaxing morning-themed Lofi
  • Have a cup of flavored tea (I like peach and chai)
  • Journaling with stickers, washi tape, stationary and pastel markers and pens
  • Put on your favorite fitness app or fitness guru and do morning stretches

Easy Morning Routine Ideas

  • Set an alarm
  • Go for a walk
  • Wash your face
  • Deep breathe for 1 minute
  • Write a to-do list

Fun Morning Routine Ideas

  • Updating your planner with stickers
  • Give yourself a facial
  • Read in bed or color with your kids
  • Morning Journaling
  • Eat breakfast in bed

Weekend Morning Routine Ideas

  • Snuggle in bed until 9 am
  • Make a big breakfast with Pancakes or Waffles
  • Go out to brunch
  • Go to the Farmer’s Market
  • Workout

How I Make the Most of My Mornings

You may be wondering how to apply all of these (or any of these) morning routine ideas so I wanted to walk through my standard morning routine and how I make the most of it.  I say standard because it changes with seasons, circumstances and just plain old how I feel.  Yet again, another reason to not copy from me or anyone else is because I’m sure everyone’s days fluctuate. 

For me, if I’m feeling run down I sleep in and I try not to worry about it (I know, the luxury of being a WAHM). If I’m in a hurry or don’t feel well, I might skip some things.  And of course, if my kids wake up before I expect, things will definitely change.  

The Night Before:

Pick out my exercise and day clothes for the next day.

Look at my priorities for the next morning.

Put everything that I’ll need in the office.

Take out any food that needs to defrost.

In The Morning:

{Wake up around 5 am}

Make Tea while I change into my exercise clothes

Pray and read my Bible while enjoying my tea

Take my supplements

Work on my Blog + Business

Exercise then shower and put on my outfit for the day

On a good day, I’ll quickly wipe down the toilet and throw in some laundry before getting into full mom mode.

When I’m all finished it’s usually around 8:30 am! As you guessed, I feel so productive and inspired before the day has really begun.  

Now It’s Your Turn

It’s your turn to go out and make the most of your morning.  I created so many printable resources that you can get for free by joining the 3PC Community, but you aren’t going to get anywhere unless you get your mornings straight. 

I hope you stop looking around. Take these morning routine ideas and get started today creating a routine that works for you.  Do you already have a morning routine? Tell me down below.

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