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Excellent Ways How Smart SAHMs Use a Journal

Hey guys, today I want to talk about what to use a journal for. Specifically, some excellent ways how I use my journal as a Stay at Home Mom.  

Now, if you are not a regular reader of this blog or a follower of my Youtube channel, me being a mom may come as a surprise to some of you. 

No worries because this post has something for everyone who is beginning their journaling journey.

I admit, there are some specific things I need to do as a SAHM that maybe you don’t have to if you aren’t a mama. But you’ll still learn some wonderful uses for a journal.  

The best thing about journaling and all things stationery is that you can reap the benefits no matter what stage of life you are at or how young or old you may be.  

What to Put in a Journal?

Uses for a journal can vary.  Some people use a journal to write about certain subjects like food or travel.  Other people use a journal to brainstorm ideas for productivity or work.  But I would guess that the majority of people who use a journal are using it to write down their daily life in some form or fashion.  

In addition to the day-to-day type of entries, a smart stay at home mom will want to keep track of their kid’s milestones, how new meals turned out (so you don’t repeat bad recipes), or things you did around the house that week – a checklist of sorts. 

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A journal is like a blog in a lot of ways, so it may be fun and reflective to tell stories about motherhood, life at home or things you’d like a future homemaker to know. It’s always a smart idea to leave something of your experience to share with others.

On a different note, you can put book reviews in your journal for books you’ve read to your kids.  

What to use a journal for will depend on what you want to express and the benefits you derive from expressing that topic.  But, of course, if you are a mom, the main thing you want to do with a journal would be to de-stress.  

When my kids were little this was the primary thing I used my journal for.  But what I do now is a whole new ballgame.

What I Use My Journal For as a SAHM

If you don’t know what to write in a journal, let me tell you, there are a ton of things you could do.  But what I use my journal for is usually letting out my frustrations and organizing my life

There have been times when I was just confused about life in general, relationships (a big one), and specific things like, if I should join a certain group. 

My handy dandy journal was there every time to save the day.  

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I could easily just write down the pros and cons of a subject, or explore my reasoning for what I did or said.  

“But why write ‘as a SAHM’ when those things aren’t specific to being a SAHM?”


It’s because as a stay-at-home mom, there are many times when we are alone.  I mean, there are always the kids but they can’t talk on our level, and they can’t comprehend the reasons why adults do the things they do. 

So, instead of bombarding my husband on every topic all the time, I wrote in my journal.

I feel that Stay at Home Moms need to remember their choices for an outlet.  Finding ways to relieve stress can be hard.  I think there is still a view that stay-at-home moms have it easy, or at least easier than working moms.  

But don’t feed into that lie.  

We have it just as difficult, it’s just in different ways.  There can be a real mental strain on SAHMs to live up to everyone’s standards, including our own.  So you need a place to work all of that out, and your journal will be your best friend.

Other Things to Use a Journal For

I will say, I have used journaling for a variety of things. One unique one is keeping a log of how my kids have changed over the years. I would track sayings and silly things my kids came up with, as well as their favorites, and friends.  

I also have (or have had) respectively a journal for meals, blogging, studying Korean, and studying Spanish. 

Since I started teaching ESL online, I also keep a work journal. 

I have also made use of a budget journal, gardening journal, and seasonal journals. 

Haha, I told you I love journaling!

What Should You Journal About?

If you are a SAHM, you could journal about the same things that I do. However, your life is unique and perhaps none of those categories is right for you.  What to use a journal for will depend on your lifestyle and needs.  

Not sure how to get started? 

No problem, I created this super simple one-page guide you can download instantly. It will help you discover what kinds of things you can put in a journal.

Download it so you can start today. 

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