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Cozy Journaling: Christmastime Reflections

Christmastime is here and each day brings heightened expectations and hope! 

Welcome to my Dear Diary, my Journal, my reflections on the seasons and of life. In this edition of my cozy journal, my cottage chronicles, I want to explore the beginnings and wonder of winter, that start with Christmas. 

I always find it interesting how Christmas is at the beginning of winter and we are all in a hurry for it, but no one wants winter with its cold and its darkness that is destined by our Creator to follow. I also find it odd that I was born in this dark.

Do I accept darkness as a part of me?

No, not exactly.

I see that I have some tendency there but I also recognize that Christ’s light burns brightly in my soul and that perhaps, I was born at this time to share that light. So although deep cold is a part of me, I have the brightness of the Sun saving me from it.

I think we all have to come to some amount of acceptance when it comes to winter, specifically if you live in a climate where the temperatures drop for months at a time. 

Do you fall prey to seasonal depression? 

In my winter kitchen journal I have a section for things to prevent and distract from that reality. I believe much of it has to do with nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalances. 

Winter is a time of year we should think beyond cozy to the time of replenishment and restoration that it is meant to be. It is the time of year of hibernation and death. Ha, I’m no death angel, but it is a fact. The quicker we accept it the better equipped we can be for it, every year when it comes. The Bible says there is a time for everything, Ecc. 3:1-8. 

Reasons to Prepare for Christmas and Winter

When it comes to Christmas, we do so much preparation. I know it can be a time of sadness for some, for specific and different reasons. However, for the majority of us, we prepare packages, boxes, ribbons, and string, lights, and baked goodies – why? It should be for Jesus, our Lord, at the remembrance of His birth. Emmanuel – God with Us. What a light He’s given us at the darkest time of the year!

I know there are many reasons for that, and yet, God’s sovereignty in it cannot be denied. With all of the sweet treats and rich foods, it is a wonderful celebration, God’s celebration is the best of all celebrations of course. Ever thought about that? But what happens after all of the stockings have been discovered and the cakes have been eaten? 

What should happen? Hearts submitted, minds prepared, diligence empowered. We should carry on in this earthly place by way of rest and restoration, being filled with the knowledge that God is with us. Winter, although dark should be walked with confidence of Christmas. We should be busy building our minds and bodies for the coming active seasons.

Some ideas to make this happen in our lives:

  • Read the Bible 
  • Create and Use a Spiritual Journal
  • Learn How to Journal
  • Have a weekly self-care night
  • Call a friend and talk on the phone! (novel idea)
  • Bake from scratch
  • Plenty of nourishing soups
  • Get Sunlight (Vitamin D) every day
  • Becoming more productive at home
  • Teach yourself to make few home-cooked meals
  • Take on a hobby that leads you to share, help others
  • Put in Place a Monthly Routine
  • Maximize your Mornings
  • Plan a Garden
  • Care for an indoor winter garden or buy a plant

These ideas are restorative and restful. It’s hard in our modern world to truly consider slowing down even during snow and blizzards. However, I know you’ll benefit from at least incorporating a few of these and taking out of your life a little bit of the running, errands, major tasks or activities that are better fit for warm and more freeing days.

So, What About Christmas?

Just considering that all the hurry we are doing now, it’s like a last hurrah while preparing to nestle in for the next 3-ish months. 

Coming out in March, or April in my region, fresh and ready for Spring, more activities, and celebrating what this baby Jesus did as a man and as our God. This baby grows up and saves our souls from Hell. That is why we celebrate Christmas and His birth because of who He came to be and who He eternally will be for us. 

Our Savior.

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