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Cute, Printable Year at a Glance Planners and 12 Ways to Use Them

Looking for a quick reference, single page year at a glance planner for this new year? I’ve got ya covered with my cute, printable year at a glance calendar pdf. This pdf file can be used for a variety of uses including to-do lists, school calendars, facebook groups and more. 

Year calendars are good for planning your upcoming year, however, a great addition to your planning arsenal is this year at a glance planner. With its minimalistic design, it’s a perfect way to get you ahead of the game and I’ll show you how.

What is a Year at a Glance Calendar?

A year at a glance calendar is a way to look quickly at the important dates of the upcoming year. It’s basically a miniature monthly calendar or monthly planner for personal use. Some even have US holidays, so you can plan for vacation days.

How is a Year at a Glance Planner Different?

A printable calendar has a different design than a planner. In general, a planner will include a detailed annual calendar as well as a year at glance calendar, and some dedicated space for to-do lists or notes. However, in a year-at-a-glance planner, you generally don’t have a calendar with week numbers or any kind of date format. 

Just like with many daily planners, you have a clean design with open spaces allowing you to build a custom calendar. 

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What Do You Put in a Yearly Planner?

Yearly calendars contain the same types of things, but with this a year at a glance planner you are able to plan your entire year with more detail than just highlighting or circling a date. This pdf calendar allows you to do the thing that my community loves to do: write.

You can write, put stickers, and even draw a small sketch to remind you of your monthly plans. 

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This at a glance planner, although fun and cute, has clear labels for the months of the year so you can plan for important events. You can be confident that as you look over your whole year that you can custom and note what’s important to you. 

Also, printable calendars make it convenient to make a lot of copies for different uses. You could put them all in a binder to keep them all in one place. So let’s talk about those different uses for this planner. 

12 Ways to Use a Year at a Glance Planner

There are as many ways to use a planner as there are people in the world, however I aim to give you 12 ways to start. If you want more ideas, you can also check out my section on things to put in a planner in the post How to Sucessfully Use a Planner.

1 -Goal Setting 

A year at a glance planner is the best way to start goal setting because you can easily write in your milestones and a precise 3-step plan for each month to accomplish your goals. 

2 -Financial planner

When it comes to finances, these printables make excellent quarterly calendars. If you need to track investment gains, plan how to build your savings or keep on top of bills that don’t necessarily come monthly, this one-page calendar can give you a quick overview and allow you to write whatever you’d like.

3 -Blog planner

If you are a blogger like me, or really any internet marketer, influencer or somewhere in this newer online career field this printable planner can be very useful. Create your content calendar, promotional calendar or track your subscriber growth. You could also print a separate glance page for each. Really when you think about it, for scheduling, listing or tracking these planner templates make for excellent business calendars!

4 -Seasonal ideas

An annual planner is perfect when planning seasonal ideas. If it’s for homemaking, hospitality, decorating, fashion, giving gifts or whatever. 

5 -Appointment Setting

This is what first comes to my mind about using my at a glance planner, jotting down appointments. However, it doesn’t have to be just medical appointments. Consider adding in vet appointments, dates, friend hangouts (because we have to schedule weeks or months in advance, as busy moms), and you can even put on your schedule field trips. This was especially helpful for me when I homeschooled, however, if you want to be involved at your child’s school this will helps.

6 -Birthdays and Special Dates

How about birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and days off? You can also keep up with silly but important days to you like 100 days of school day, Star Wars day or Pi day.

7 -Habit Tracking

This year at a glance calendar also makes the perfect habit tracker. You can also draw a scale or ranking so you can quickly see which months you did better and worse and analyze why.

8 -Vacation Planning

Quickly write what needs to be done monthly in order to be ready for that getaway.

9 -Yearly Bucket List Planning

Do you start the year by planning a bucket list? You can look over the whole year and decide which items you can feasibly accomplish in which months.

10 -Homemaking Schedule

If you are like me, you may have certain tasks you do in certain seasons. You might write into the fall months to plan for Christmas and birthdays. You might write when to start planning your garden. I figure the earlier the better. 

11 -Home Repair or Remodeling Plans

Home improvement can be a hassle, but less so if you plan for it. Perhaps you want to wait until you can accumulate the funds before starting a project. Or maybe you just want to remember to do certain tasks like changing out the furnace filter on specific dates.

12 -Meal Planning

Yep, you probably knew it was coming. Monthly meal planning is how to stay on top of your grocery budget. The squares in my 12 month printable yearly planner give plenty of room for jotting down 10-20 meals to do each month. You could essentially be done with meal planning for the whole year!

There are so many more uses from lesson plans to college calendars, so if you need more inspiration plus tips on how to be consistent with planning, I highly recommend my post, How to Successfully Use a Planner (and Stick to it!)

How To Download and Print the One-Page Calendar

This super cute planner comes in 2 themes, both as a pdf format. The themes are Coffee and Dessert. Both theme packs come with 3 printable version pages. The theme is the same but with different colors (see below). 

If you’ve visited before or are already a part of my fabulous Pretty Paper Planners Community, you know that there are loads of FREE printables here, and some you don’t even need to give your email address.

You can visit the free printables archive to find out more.

This planner, however, is not a free printable calendar. You can find both the Coffee and Dessert themes in my Etsy Shop.

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Coffee theme
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Click to Purchase – annual planner –
Dessert theme

Once you click through and purchase there will be a link for downloading. It is an instant download, meaning once purchased you don’t have to wait or do anything additional.

Each comes as a standard US paper size of 8.5 x 11 in. For best results have the print settings on portrait layout. 

And for full disclosure, this is not a digital planner, it is a printable paper year at a glance planner for non-commercial use only. When you order you will not get something in the mail. 

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