a white unicorn journal, the unicorn has a rainbow mane and stars and dots are scattered on the cover. This journal has keys and a lock.

Review of Unicorn Notebook for Girls -Rainbow Unicorn Journal

If you love unicorns, you’ll love this rainbow unicorn journal!  Unicorns are definitely at the top of the list for well-known, elegant fantasy creatures.  There is definitely something that draws people to unicorns, or at least horses.  But I am somehow disappointed that pegasus’ aren’t as popular or trendy.  At any rate, it’s pretty easy to find a unicorn journal but getting a quality one is always a challenge.

So in this post, I wanted to give a flip-through of one I bought, to help you decide if this is the one for you.

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Unicorn Notebook for Girls

When I was seeking the perfect diary for my daughter’s unicorn birthday party, I hopped on Amazon (mostly because I was last minute and didn’t have time to search around), there were tons and tons of unicorn journals, diaries, and notebooks. 

I knew I didn’t want the realistic unicorns, nor the babyish ones.  I wanted something that looks quality.  I wanted something bright. And I know my daughter would want a unicorn journal with a lock.

So this is the diary I picked.

Isn’t that cute?  Now, if you are wanting to grab this same one, you can find it here.

Unicorn Journal Ideas

As I said, there are tons of unicorn journals out there.  Some dairies have a lock and key, some come with stickers, etc.  There are a variety of journals, but in case you don’t want to purchase the one above, take a look at these.

jxzdle Unicorn Diary with Lock and Keys

Homicozy Kids Unicorn Diary with Lock and Key

Plush Unicorn Notebook Set

YOYTOO Unicorn Diary for Girls with Lock and Keys, Unicorn Stationery Set 

What other types of theme journals would you like me to post about?

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